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Current Game: Mini-Missions
Online Players: 15 / 125
Sa-mp Version: 0.3.7-R2

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Antonio_Mercer, RegretS_, Hailey, Raheem_Sjula, Connect, kaibutsu, Corleone5, Dellegro, Sean_Baverman, shine, Freddy_Flores, King_Bert, bergy, McDimDimich, Ninja,

Welcome to Mini Missions

Mini-Missions is a SA-MP based server for GTA San Andreas running since 2008. With ups and downs the server is still recovering and growing as we speak! Currently we have over 300 different missions based on multiple gamemodes, which are; Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Race, Parkour, Zombie Survival, Derby & Bombing, along with several other unique gamemodes.

The server is originally founded by MID back in 2008. After 2 seasons (s1, s2) of the original MM, a remake has been created by Redirect_Left as Son of Mini-Missions (soMM) in 2009. After both versies died in 2010, the server is being recreated in 2011 by FuTuRe along with MID’s permission as Mini-Missions: FTW v1 (For the Win). The server started out small, with a limited script, but has been upgraded ever since. During 2012 the server has seen its playerbase growing bigger each day, and more and more quality missions have been made.

Halfway 2014 however FuTuRe decided to give the server towards Vince0789, co-owner at the time due to losing interest, however he returned back in 2015 working on another new version of Mini-Missions which came online not much later. 2016 has been a difficult year for the server with shifts to a new owner twice. Kylesmith has stepped in as a new owner while FuTuRe resigned for good, to have the server be passed on to Beremix several months later.

As of September, 2019, the server was passed to Redirect Left once more, and here we are. Only time will tell where the future takes us...


We currently have 300 missions in our server. But, we gladly accept new missions. So if you have a nice idea and map, then show us your idea at our forum.


At January 2019, we had a total of 103,000 registered users in our server. We got plenty of place for more players, and we hope that you want to play with us.


We got many administrators that are online to serve and protect the players from players that dont follow our rules.