VIP Information:

We have a total of 17 vips in our server.
We have received 378 EUR with the VIP payments since september 2016.

VIP Member

Being a vip member gives you the following access:
∇ Spawn with 100% armor.
∇ Customizable nickname colours.
∇ Customzable Player ID colours.
∇ Ability to set own weather.
∇ You can change name for free.
∇ Ability to have your own vip skin.
∇ Ability to use the vip control panel at the ucp.
∇ Daily reward of $10.000 at the ucp.
∇ A own vip chat.

General Information:

- We only accept payments via paypal.
- Being a vip does not make you imune against bans or admin actions.
- The vip payments are automatic and will be done instantly. But you can't be ingame meanwhile doing it.
- If you have selected which vip package you want, then follow the link given below to proceed to the User Control Panel where you will finish the order.

User Control Panel: