History of Mini Missions:

2007: The original Mini-Missions server was released as Mini-Missions s1 (season 1) by MID back in 2007. The purpose of the original server was to rebuild San Andreas missions into a multiplayer game, a thought which still is partially used in the modern Mini Missions versions. The server immediately received a lot of attention and gained many active players for such a new server. After the first few successful months, it didn't take long before the server was updated to Mini-Missions s2 (season 2), which lasted until 2009.

2008-2009: Despite season 2's early success, the server slowly became more and more empty as updates were lacking quality, which resulted in the server being closed early that year.
This caused the old MM community to split up, with some old community members creating their own MM-like servers. In September, Mini-Missions was remade as Son Of Mini-Missions, now being led by Redirect_Left. Son Of Mini-Missions grew quicker than the original server did, reaching numbers of 100+ not much later.

2010: Despite Son Of Mini-Missions' success, the server closed down in May, due to an agreement with Redirect_Left & MID (Upon MID's return to SA:MP, SoMM would be closed to allow MID to re-release Mini Missions). This was known as Mini-Missions s3 (season 3). However, due to lack of management and updates, this didn't last long and the server quickly died in October.

2011: During 2011, one of MM's old admins called FuTuRe contacted MID to recreate the original Mini Missions. With MID's support FuTuRe started working on a new version of MM, now being released as Mini Missions: FTW. (For The Win). This was referred to as Mini Missions v1, not to be confused with s1. While respecting the original roots of the server, it got a decent player count during the first year. Not long after, the new Mini-Missions and RDL's new team-deathmatch server got merged to form Operations: San Andreas halfway during 2011, once again led by Redirect_Left. This was short-lived after some management issues appeared. Based on this FuTuRe made the decision to re-release MM:FTW (v1) in August, whilst being assisted by Alby_JJ as (co-)owner. Alby took care of the management and administration of MM, as well as providing some scripting help.
Starting with an empty server after the re-release, Mini-Missions FTW v2 (also being called like that), got released in September and started growing slowly. By the end of the year, player counts of up to 100 were being reached. Just days before new years' eve, Mini-Missions v3 (now without the FTW tag) got released, continuing v2's success.

2012: 2012 was a year of continuous success, with the updates of v3 and releases of Mini-Missions v4 & Mini Missions v5. Each version became introduced more advanced scripting, while the early bugs were cleared out of the server. The community kept growing and the server frequently achieved the max number of 120 spots. Along with the continuous success of Mini-Missions, FuTuRe also released a new partner server called Plague of the Zombies. This server was based on advanced versions of zombie-like maps being used in Mini Missions earlier and became very popular. Plague of the Zombies, or ZP, eventually closed down in 2013 due to funding reasons, where MM got the priority to survive.

2013: After ZP closed down, Mini Missions v6 got released in February, bringing a major update to the server with lots of new quality missions, but also a lot of script-based improvements. 2013 was also the year where Alby_JJ retired as server co-owner, with Tinus_nl now being responsible for the administration. With v6 came frequent updates with small improvements and additions without incrementing of version number.

2014: During the first half of 2014 FuTuRe was still actively working on the server, until financial issues occurred with a donator, which caused the decision to pass over Mini-Missions to a new owner. This resulted in Vince0789 being assigned as the new owner, which was thought to be the most sensible at the time � he was an old manager since MID's MM. Vince tried to make major changes by scripting Mini-Missions again from scratch, but this version was never completed due to time management issues.

2015: While the staff and community were still waiting on the release of a new version, the management of the server took action to find a new owner. Meanwhile, FuTuRe re-appeared behind the scenes creating his own server again, called 'Variety Missions', but there was no need to release this anymore. Variety Missions quickly reformed into Mini Missions v7 as the server was returned to FuTuRe again in spring 2018. The number of active players on MM had been decreasing due to the lack of updates, causing an unhappy community. With FuTuRe's return, the server began strongly recovering, where average numbers returned to 50 players, peaking even at 100. Mini-Missions v8 eventually followed as well later that year.

2016: Around New Years' Eve, FuTuRe assigned a close relative as a manager, who had their own view on the server and community. Behind the scenes, a lot of problems occurred within the staff, causing major issues which eventually affected the whole Mini-Missions community negatively. As a result of this, it didn't take long for FuTuRe to lose interest in MM and eventually sold the now weakened server to Kylesmith. 2016 was a difficult year for MM's server and community. After KyleSmith stepped in as new owner, he passed on the Mini-Missions server to Beremix in August.

2017: After new staff members were appointed, Mini-Missions was being improved once again, slowly recovering to its former glory, with more and more players being active again on Mini-Missions. Meanwhile, the server was being updated continuously to make way for Mini Missions v12, whilst smaller changes and modifications were applied as needed.

2018: Mini-Missions now attempted to improve the server even further, keeping the server up-to-date. However, it became clearer that the server was struggling on a daily basis, with issues within the staff, management and also negligence in updates and scripting quality.

2019: Towards the end of 2019, the server was acquired by Redirect_Left (RDL), and he quickly set to work on fixing a lot of the more serious issues that had been plaguing the server for some time, including fixing the horrendous lag issues within 48 hours of owning MM, which had plagued and killed off the player base for over 10 months previously.

2020: In early 2020, the server went under joint ownership with Sixty, who, in the upcoming months, struggled with a lot of self-created bugs, which he didn't manage to fix. In July 2020, Redirect_Left sold MM to new 3 owners who were also old players, AquaNight, Sasuke_Uchiha and King_Bert along with Swift as Lead Manager. Together with the help of the community, we are keeping the server alive with a brand new version.