Update Log:

No. Service Author Notes Date
236 samp-server tubbs Avalanche code has been rewritten new map Avalanche: Plank by Swift 2023-02-09 04:50:41
235 samp-server tubbs Squid Game: The First Encounter: players spawn next to each other in one line now mission doesn't end anymore when first player reaches finish line 2023-02-01 21:00:03
234 samp-server tubbs Squid Game: The First Encounter: players spawn next to each other in line, mo 2023-02-01 20:59:05
233 samp-server tubbs Tag, Derby Killing, Last Man Standings (before round starts): after falling off you will be respawned in random place instead the same one all the time 2023-02-01 20:01:33
232 samp-server tubbs new map Squid Game: Glass Bridge by Swift 2023-02-01 19:39:07
231 samp-server Polak system doesn't load next missions when server is empty rescripted and fixed color dash bugging out after round 8 new antipunch preventing from punching instead punishing for doing so, enabled in fallouts and LMS before mission starts avoid the bomb: fixed getting the bomb when someone hits another player next to you instead directly you 2023-01-30 23:15:23
230 samp-server Polak new better sync of punching and shooting (from weapon-config include) improved anti-cbug you can now kill paused players 2023-01-30 23:12:23
229 samp-server Swift 1. Fixed an issue where admin announcements wouldn't show in the screen, including that of /vote. 2. Zombies are invisible in the mini map now, and humans have to perform an animation while curing, they can't just crouch and walk away anymore. 2022-12-16 05:02:32
228 samp-server tubbs 1. New textdraw of counting time left to start a round. 2. Fixed dumb black box appearing in middle of screen. 2022-12-11 21:39:17
227 samp-server Polak 1. Fixed an issue where the players on your team happen to be invisible as well in the minimap in Last Team Standing maps. 2. Dealing damage to the enemy player would reveal them in the minimap for 1 second for the rest of your team. 2022-12-09 04:08:27
226 samp-server Swift 1. Updated textdraws with newer ones, this should help give a new look/vibe to the server 2. Got rid of some that are mostly considered useless. 3. Shortened the names of a few maps. 4. Added two new commands, /missioninfo (/info) and /objective these two commands would help display info regarding the ongoing mission. 5. Updated /cmds with the newest additions 6. Set race time from 30 to 90 Seconds after the first contender crosses the finishing line. 7. Some modes should not be selectable now if there are less than 2 players. 2022-12-06 04:56:24
225 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha 1. Random Mode | Not to select DM, TDM or shooting targets if players are less than 4 2. Set Mission time to 30 seconds after first in races | parkours 3. Hide Players from MAP in LTS 4. Team Missions | Attacker will be selected first now, instead of defender 2022-11-20 01:33:17
224 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha 1. Fixed sometimes player is spawned outside lobby still can't use the /v command 2. Pressing F4 in respawn mission spawns them inside lobby 3. Deathruns last checkpoint VW Fix improved 4. Added debug so we can figure out the missions causing object bugs 5. Last Fighting Player code improved hopefully fixes the bug with wrong nick 2022-11-19 21:32:40
223 samp-server [MOB]Tr1viUm Added commands !/disallowanims & !/allowanims for disabling and enabling animations for single players. Useful for when certain players abuse it 2022-02-13 16:25:13
222 samp-server Klarina Kamikaze Mode cannot damage teammates anymore. Doubled the price for a Credit inside the lobby, added a 10 minutes cooldown for each purchase. Troll Hack reason messages have been fixed. Fixed 3D labels not being removed in Destroy Targets missions. Increased the time for /voteskip to 30 seconds (was 15 seconds) from the beginning of the mission. Fixed texts over head not being saved when disconnecting. Players will be given extra items from Credits Shop in Saturdays at very low frequency. 2022-01-29 18:00:55
221 samp-server Klarina Adjusted minimum possible time for Mansion Tour Fixed Weapon Guaranteed Card and Ammo Card that cannot be bought Fixed Last Man Standing issues about the playercount Server doesn't check for impossible time when the vehicle in race is changed Server now gives warnings for [C] troll hack detections Troll hack warnings are now reset when a player leaves the server Admin commands /dpm and /dpm2 are now available through Discord 2022-01-28 21:18:36
220 samp-server [MOB]Tr1viUm Added new gamemode **Prop Hunt**, a classic gamemode where you play hide and seek with objects. Added new map **Abandoned Fort** by [MOB]Tr1viUm for gamemode **Prop Hunt** Added new map **Paul the Jumper** by Tubbs for gamemode **Avalance** Added new map **Don al the Ramp** by Tubbs for gamemode **Death Run** Added new map **Grim Round** by Tubbs for gamemode **Derby** Added new map **Jog Walle** by Tubbs for gamemode **Parkour** Added new map **Miniguns N Springs** by Ryses for gamemode **Deathmatch** Added new map **Platforms** by Bullet for gamemode **Parkour** Added new map **Ready to go** by Polak for gamemode **Last Man Standing** Added new map **Scarbike** by Tubbs for gamemode **Last Man Standing** Added new map **Kind of Heaven** for gamemode **Death Vehicle** Added new map **Summertime Madness** for gamemode **Last Man Standing** Added new map **Urban Conflict** by Ryses for gamemode **Last Team Standing** Updated **aim_headshot** with new textures Updated **aim_map_2** with new textures Updated **cs_deagle_factory** with new textures Updated **cs_deathmatch_final** with new textures Updated **fall_and_furious** with new textures Updated **mugen_tsukyomi** so it's better synced Updated **Weakest Link** mode so you can't spam speedboost Fixed Avalanche01 crash bug 2022-01-22 22:28:24
219 samp-server Klarina Improved the code for anti troll hack. Reduced the time to update XP/kills/damage/spree textdraws from 10 seconds to 7 seconds. Admins will receive an alert when a player has damage adjusted by using codsmp. 2022-01-22 01:07:15
218 samp-server Klarina You can now set your own text over head in /settings, available for VIPs and level 17+ players. 2022-01-14 03:24:22
217 samp-server Klarina Hit detection doesn't show up when the difference in Z level is larger than 4 metres, so you cannot pass the bomb or steal the flag when you're on different levels. The background color textdraw will not show up during spectating, when the box is supposed to be temporarily hidden. Admins will be notified when a player joins the server with an Android client. Added an exception to anti-cheat due to issues related to Android version. Added a primary version of anti-troll hack (currently doesn't ban players, but only notifies admins when a possible usage takes place). Admins have a command /trollinfo to enable/disable in cases, if become too spammy. Added no reload/infinite ammo anti-cheat, it also doesn't ban players, but gives a warning to admins about possibility. You can now buy Credits in the lobby. The price for it keeps changing, so make sure you catch a good price! Sprunk Machine finally takes 2$ when you use it. Added a protection to avoid crashes in Cheat Deathmatch mission type. Removed /winsound and music lobby (the object will be still there), because the site responsible to play sounds is no longer compatible. Added an ability to show texts over heads as a feature for VIPs, customizable in /settings. Updated commands in /cmds and /acmds. 2022-01-14 03:22:23
216 samp-server Klarina When a winning Scratch Card is given through an admin command, it gives a Scratch Card too, not only sets the next one as a winning one. Vote Force Card and Vote Skip Card require now less votes to pass. Fixed an issue that Vehicle Shop didn't allow to spawn vehicles. When you disconnect while having one of cards disabled, the remaining time will be restored instead of keep counting when staying offline. Pickpocket Ability now steals 5$ after each punch instead of 1$, as before. Changed 3 tasks, to reduce the difficulty. Some tasks have their required values reduced too. Fixed an issue that didn't show textdraw scores during TDM missions. Fixed out of bounds issues that happened in Squid Game. Added admin command /dpm2 to send a dialog message as a question with 'Yes' and 'No' options. Fixed an issue that allowed to go beyond win table when the order of numbers responsible on /scratch win is just too perfect. Added an admin command /raceveh to set the vehicle for upcoming race (records are not counted when adjusted). When players die in Last Man Standing and Squid Game missions, their names will be now grey. 2022-01-14 03:22:12
215 website Sasuke_Uchiha mini games stats have scratch stats now as well. 2022-01-04 11:02:42
212 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha fixed a few issues around the server, you won't notice the changes. Made few scripts standalone now and better in performance. Too lazy to add update the long <:imfine:762264602658209792> 2022-01-04 11:00:23
211 samp-server [MOB]Tr1viUm Added a new mission type named 'Weakest Link'. The objective of this mode is reaching the checkpoint before the timer runs out. The last person that remains wins. As the missions goes on the timer becomes increasingly harder to beat. Added a new map "Intersection" by [MOB]Tr1viUm for mission type 'Weakest Link' Added a new map "Demar" by tubbsfrommiamivice for mission type 'Weakest Link' Added core speed boost system, currently enabled in weakest link maps, press 2 to speed boost! Added Docker integration for development purposes 2022-01-03 02:12:17
210 samp-server [MOB]Tr1viUm Fixed issue of players getting falsely banned for carrying forbidden weapons 2022-01-01 23:40:24
209 samp-server Klarina Part 2/2 Added admin command /ptg that allows to set the next any Last Team Standing or Team Deathmatch (must be already in /cycle) to be changed as Protect The General mission type (so, for example, you can play Protect The General during Motel Room Service). When there are 50 (or somehow less) missions left, the cycle is refreshed to keep the 'mission ID -1' issue away (that causes the mission to never end) and to avoid same mission types to be played when it was close to the end. Added a code that doesn't let to select Team Race after a Race and a vice versa, despite both missions having different type IDs. Added /voteforce and /voteskip to start a voting to force any enabled map or skip the current one (costs 2 Credits). Fixed Music Machine not playing sounds correctly. Fixed an issue that didn't allow to buy some vehicles in /shop by non-VIPs. To reply in the lobby, you need to press 'N' now. This is because Daily Tasks now require 'Y' to press. 2021-12-19 01:55:36
208 samp-server Klarina Part 1/2 Added a new mission type 'Team Flag Collecting', named COLLECT04. It is similar to already existing Team CTF, but in this mode each player can steal the flag simultaneously instead of waiting for your teammate to capture. Added a new mission type 'Cheat Deathmatch', named DM03. That's a DM mission with singleplayer cheats applied. Added a new mission type 'Duo Deathmatch', named DM04. Players are taken into teams and both of them are working to get highest kills. Added a new mission type 'Deathmatch Spree', named DM05. First player to get a killing spree of 5 wins. Mission type 'Avoid The Bomb' has now death messages included. The issue about people leaving vehicles has been fixed. Knife is no longer counted in 1,000 HP of damage tracking. Added Daily Tasks. Each day one of many tasks are chosen. You will receive Credits for completing them. Complete the task everyday to receive more Credits. Credits Shop in /shop has many new valuable items. From Credits that can be awarded from Daily Tasks you can buy a lot of things right there. Head admins or Managers can force those effects for a few minutes on all players, depending on the function. Toys Shop and VIP Items Shop have been removed, these likely will never be added. Added a protection to Fake Kills [A] code, will not allow to trigger when killer sends malicious data ('they don't have that weapon') too often. After the server restarts, lobby is played for 3 minutes instead of 10 minutes. 2021-12-19 01:55:22
207 missions Klarina In The Cave mission type changed from 'Team Flag Capture' to 'Team Flag Collecting'. When a flag is taken back to the spawn, a specified color in box text is shown to see clearly which team did it. Added a new mission 'Cheat Deathmatch: Montgomery' (by Klarina). Current mission 'Deathmatch: Zig Zag' has their type changed to 'Duo Deathmatch: Zig Zag'. Current mission 'Deathmatch: Nuclear Winter' has their type changed to 'Deathmatch Spree: Nuclear Winter'. Changed vehicle from Mule to Burrito in 'Smuggling: At The Border'. Defenders have now weaker weapons too. Changed last weapon in 'Individual Gun Game: Star Wars: Kamino' to Heat-Seeker Rocket Launcher, was Chainsaw before. Dirtbike Danger and Go-Go Karting both are now Team Races. Mission 'Team Race: Country Endurance' is now much shorter, about half of length than before. Fixed defenders spawn in 'Last Team Standing: $1000$' mission. Mission 'Parkour: Out Of The Woods' has objects updated and is enabled in the cycle. 2021-12-19 01:55:03
206 website King_Bert Add 2022 and 2023 to stats pages options (so we are set for 2 years). Also fix moderator proof upload so they can upload files. 2021-12-18 03:01:11
205 missions Klarina Added a new mission 'Smuggling: At The Border' (by Klarina). Added a new mission 'Team Flag Capture: In The Cave' (by Klarina). Fixed mission 'Destroy Targets: Green Grass' (Flamethrower will now work). 2021-12-05 22:40:15
204 samp-server Klarina Fixed /bansound command, did not work before. Added a new mission type "Smuggling" named STEAL02. Attackers try to get through the border. Defenders try to stop them. 2021-12-05 22:39:01
203 missions Klarina Added multiple miniguns spawning in Cruel World 2 mission. Added a new mission 'Team Race: Monopoly' by Klarina. Hell In A Cell - difficulty increased, the explosion frequency gets increased through time. 2021-12-03 03:27:16
202 samp-server Klarina When you bought a weapon and a Weapon Guaranteed Card after that, you had to buy a weapon again to work due to wrong order. Now, it saves also the previous purchase too, so it can work vice versa again (but remember, you will lose that weapon if you die before buying the Card). Because of many new Team Race missions added & enabled, reverted the code about occurence of races (a little less of them than before this update). Still, there are more races in Wednesdays than usual. Cannot add 1000 minutes or more at once using /addtime, as the clock may get bugged. Added a protection to disallow playing mission ID -1, which causes the server to get stuck at previous mission. The cycle is refreshed and another mission is forced to be set. Fixed extra prize for killing all remaining players, a missing code to determine who's the only one alive was added. Fixed command /fix, /flip and /lcp that didn't work in Team Races, messages have been fixed as well. Objective bar color changed to orange, the same XP level bar had. 2021-12-03 03:27:08
201 samp-server Klarina Tuesdays are now even more explosive! Players will be given Rocket Launchers, Heat Seeking Rocket Launchers, Grenades and Molotov Cocktails (each with 1 ammo) at frequency of 4% per spawn instead of 2%, as before. It won't be given if you already have Weapon Guaranteed Card with any heavy item bought in current mission (so it doesn't replace what you already have). Reduced distance required between vehicles while hitting each other to steal the flag in Tag mission type. Fixed killing spree textdraw showing incorrect value (it worked almost same as 'Kills' before). Killing spree messages will now be also displayed on <#754015705526960189>. Fixed mission passed/failed/draw credits, some mission types had it configurated incorrectly. Added a fix to routine server crashes by adding a cooldown to SavePlayerStats function. Likely using it twice (when the mission ends and player disconnects) causes a fatal error. We will see soon if crashes indeed disappeared, because it cannot be easily reproduced. When someone bets on you and you win, you will get 10% of that prize. Mission passed prizes are now adjusted depending if you're the champion (and/or) were chosen in /bet. Example: Someone used /bet on you with amount of 50$. The prize is 100$. You were chosen as the champion (25$) and won as a Zombie (50$). You also get 10$ (10%) from someone's bet, which is 85$ in total. Thus, you will be given 85$ and the message is 'Mission Passed 85$' instead of 'Mission Passed 50$', as before. When voting takes place, players are teleported to the lobby instead of waiting in previous mission. Fixed an issue related to missions being cancelled in the same moment when is initialized. 2021-12-03 03:26:57
200 samp-server Klarina Changed 'his' word to 'their' in a few chat messages. When you buy more ammo for the same weapon you have already bought in the same mission, you will get extra 10% discount. Satchels are no longer available on Monday, these have been merged with Black Friday. There is currently nothing special on Mondays until next update fills it. During Black Friday, all players can buy weapons and vehicles currently available only for VIPs, but with higher prices (as the VIP's 50% discount is not applied). Better weapon & ammo tracking when using /shop, you will experience different messages depending on the situation you're currently in. The server will now track the ammo value (for Weapon Guaranteed Card) every second instead of after every shot, which fixes a problem that drive-by did not adjust the ammo. Heavy weapons are now also included in Weapon Guaranteed Card, but you will still be unable to use /guaranteedweapon (/gw) in next mission if that mission has heavy disabled. Fixed an issue that /winsound and Music Machine often did not play music correctly. Squid Game will now stop music instantly when a player reaches the checkpoint or the mission ends. All Derby missions and Squid Game have /winsound included. When finishing a race without any vehicle, you didn't have your virtual world changed. This has been fixed. Fixed an issue that AK-47 wasn't given to players in Zombie missions. Minigun is no longer counted in 1,000 HP prize and in The Unluckiest Killer title (due to lag, causing to show absurdally high values). In Team Race, the vehicle color will be changed to red or green, depending in which team you are. VIP vehicle color flashing is disabled in this mission. 'The Unluckiest Killer' title will no longer show that many numbers after comma. 2021-12-03 03:26:47
199 missions Klarina Disabled mission 'Race: Backroad Wanderers' has their type changed to 'Team Race: Backroad Wanderers' and gets enabled. Disabled mission 'Race: City Circuit' has their type changed to 'Team Race: City Circuit' and gets enabled. Disabled mission 'Race: Country Endurance' has their type changed to 'Team Race: Country Endurance' and gets enabled. Disabled mission 'Race: Dam Riders' has their type changed to 'Team Race: Dam Riders' and gets enabled. Disabled mission 'Race: Desert Tricks' has their type changed to 'Team Race: Desert Tricks' and gets enabled. Disabled mission 'Race: Fastlane' has their type changed to 'Team Race: Fastlane' and gets enabled. Disabled mission 'Race: Freeway' has their type changed to 'Team Race: Freeway' and gets enabled. Disabled mission 'Race: Into the Country' has their type changed to 'Team Race: Into the Country' and gets enabled. Disabled mission 'Race: Little Loop' has their type changed to 'Team Race: Little Loop' and gets enabled. Disabled mission 'Race: LowRider' has their type changed to 'Team Race: LowRider' and gets enabled. Disabled mission 'Race: LV Ringroad' has their type changed to 'Team Race: LV Ringroad' and gets enabled. Disabled mission 'Race: SF Hills' has their type changed to 'Team Race: SF Hills' and gets enabled. Disabled mission 'Race: SF To LV' has their type changed to 'Team Race: SF To LV' and gets enabled. Disabled mission 'Race: Vinewood' has their type changed to 'Team Race: Vinewood' and gets enabled. 2021-11-22 02:27:34
198 missions Klarina Added a new mission 'Team Capture The Flag: Modern Warfare' (by Swift). Added a new mission 'Parkour: The Skyscraper' (by Klarina). Added a new mission 'Last Team Standing: $1000$' (by JimmySpaceTravel1337). Added a new mission 'Last Team Standing: Aim Headshot' (by JimmySpaceTravel1337). Added a new mission 'Last Team Standing: Aim Map 2' (by JimmySpaceTravel1337). Added a new mission 'Last Team Standing: CS Deagle Factory' (by JimmySpaceTravel1337). Added a new mission 'Last Team Standing: CS Deathmatch Final' (by JimmySpaceTravel1337). Added a new mission 'Last Team Standing: Warehouse 2' (by JimmySpaceTravel1337). Added a new mission 'Last Man Standing: Highrise' (by JimmySpaceTravel1337). Added a new mission 'Last Team Standing: De Aztec' (by JimmySpaceTravel1337). Added a new mission 'Derby Killing: Monster Derby' (by Lucemea). Added a new mission 'Individual Gun Game: Star Wars: Kamino' (by Commander_Steel). Mission 'Derby: Vegas Derby' has their type changed to 'Derby Killing: Vegas Derby'. Added a new mission 'Last Man Standing: Farmers Return' (by Klarina). Added a new mission 'Last Man Standing: Cruel World 2' (by Klarina). 2021-11-22 02:27:26
197 samp-server Klarina Added a new mission type 'Team Capture The Flag' named COLLECT03. It is identical to existing Capture The Flag, but with two objectives. Added a new mission type 'Derby Killing' named DERBY04. Players crash themselves in vehicles. The person with most kills will win. Added a new mission type 'Individual Gun Game' named DM02. It is similar to existing Gun Game, but there are no teams, everyone work themselves. When the server has lobby unloaded, player will no longer spawn in the air with falling NPCs. 'The Unluckiest Killer' title requires (again) at least 3 kills, it was 1 due to testing purposes and forgotten to be changed. Changed 'Dinghy Boat' in /shop (that appeared twice) to 'Camper'. Due to higher discounts, prices for cheaper vehicles have been increased by 10-40$ and weapon ammo amount reduced by 10-50%. Wednesday is a racing day - not only we have different obstacles, but the occurence of races is increased that day. When you bought a weapon while having Weapon Guaranteed Card and then another weapon that is listed as Heavy, it correctly said the guaranteed weapon won't be saved, but did set the ammo value of the next bought weapon. This has been fixed. During Black Friday, there's also a discount on cards (3 cookies instead of 5 cookies). Added a new mission type 'Team Race' named Race03. The better position you have, the more points your team will receive. The team with more points wins. Changed main color from blue to orange. Several adjustments have been done to find the cause of server crashes and/or potentially fix. Scratch cards now cost 1 cookie, not 5 cookies as was noticed before (copy-paste of Ammo Card code). 2021-11-22 02:25:09
196 missions Klarina 'Warehouse Assault' - replaced Chainsaw with M4, as outside the map the Chainsaw does not work. Minigun Madness 2 reverted to original Minigun Madness, because Ryses wanted. 'Squid Game' had particle objects incorrectly removed, this has been fixed. 'Rooftop Jumpers' have now all CPs moved to fix /lcp. 2021-11-19 00:23:55
195 samp-server Klarina Disallowed passing the bomb in 'Avoid The Bomb' to player that is currently spectating. Similar thing done to 'Squid Game'. Fixed (again) a problem about message filtering. Buying scratch cards from /shop are no longer free. Four players have their scratch tokens reset or set to negative values as a punishment due to abuse (you've already used this command more than you were supposed to do). Fixed Satchels being removed too early for a false positive detection near bomb/objective spot. Added 20 new songs for the Music Machine (60 in total). You can now disable black screen transition and lobby sounds from music machine using /settings. Fixed 'The Unluckiest Killer' title due to missing code to track damage given on players. You can no longer buy Chainsaw, Fire Extinguisher and Spraycan in /shop when you're outside the map world (those don't work there). Different obstacles will now work on Wednesdays. 2021-11-19 00:23:46
194 samp-server Klarina Jail messages have been fixed. Fixed Capture The Flag missions giving score to wrong team. The black screen will disappear when a voting is taking place. Remaining code from Halloween (that also caused more and more objects to create, until missions started to bug) has been removed. Because it's more difficult for survivors to win the Zombie mission, they will be given AK47 is at least 8 players are currently online (the amount of ammo is also dependent on the playercount). Bars (objective health & general's health) will not be shown for players that skipped the mission. Readded yellow colors for general/impostor textdraw, removed it by an accident while updating it. Decreased duration of 'Mission Passed' sound. Fixed message filtering (non-admins could actually send a message normally, it worked only on admins when they sent that message). Fixed a problem about vehicles that stayed when a player got eliminated in 'Avoid The Bomb' missions without exploding by the bomb. Some players were able to leave the vehicle in 'Avoid The Bomb' mission without being eliminated. This has been fixed. Fixed an issue that caused players to spawn in wrong virtual world in Death Run missions. Fixed the message in chat about killing all remaining players in TDM missions (previously only the first character of name was displayed). Command /v will now work correctly after races. Fixed a 'Skip!' button for non-VIPs when joining the mission. Removed Fake Kills [D] anti-cheat script, this will not work as intended. Fixed Punch Counter position to continue counting. Fixed the problem about '+1' values not to disappear in Tag missions. Fixed spectate textdraw position (two textdraws were overlapping). Fixed a bug that caused a player to respawn in lobby when exiting a vehicle spawned with /v. 2021-11-14 19:49:30
193 missions Klarina Moto GP - set the lobby to unload, so the map can fully load (previously 999 object limit was reached). Increased checkpoint size for 'San Fierro Sightseeing Tour' mission. The Impostor, The Impostor 2: reduced mission duration by 30 seconds. Removed Pistol and Rifle from 'Destroy Targets: Shooting Range' mission. 2021-11-14 19:48:44
192 missions Klarina Part 11/11 Missions 'Until Down' and 'New Year's Day' have now the same falling code like 'The Dropdown', which reduces the occurence of draws due to last player starting to fall on another platform while the previous one hasn't died yet from falling. Added improvement to this by setting time between two removals to 1.3s from previous 1.0s. Moved checkpoint positions in 'Rooftop Jumpers' and 'Rainy Night' races to make /lcp working. James Blond: Rising Sun - increased mission duration from 3 minutes to 5 minutes. An additional checkpoint created in 'Parkour: Roof To Roof' mission. Fixed 'Zombie: Abandoned Town' map by putting a roof that allowed defenders stay away from zombies at too safe distance. Changed gravity value in 'Race: Burning Moon 2' to 50% of normal value. Mission 'Race: Police Academy' will no longer create objects that are from a different mission. Removed bugged spawns in 'Last Man Standing: Farmers Reality' that are below the ground and cause instant elimination. Removed bugged spawn (for ID 7) in 'Race: Monster Derby' that puts the player underground. Changed weapons for attackers in 'Destroy Targets: Amphetamine'. Mission 'Last Team Standing: Crack Den' has now must move disabled. Mission 'Derby: Color Derby' has the type changed to 'Tag: Color Derby' and 'Derby: Night Derby' to 'Avoid The Bomb: Night Derby'. 2021-11-07 19:31:26
191 missions Klarina Part 10/11 Changed bar font in 9000ft mission. Additionally, players will hear an alarm when the health is almost zero. Missions 'Holy Ground', 'Crack Den' are now played in an interior. 'Crack Den' and 'Fray In The Hood' missions have colors reversed (Grove Street is green, not red). 'Fail Of A Plan', 'The Maze', '9000ft Underwater', 'Motel Room Service', 'Meat Business' - adjusted spawns to disallow spawning in walls. 'Cabbery', 'Unity Station' - adjusted spawns for a better balance to the objective vehicle. Decreased health of objects in Warehouse Invaders and Amphetamine missions. Players in 'High By The Beach' mission will now spawn in different virtual worlds (because of players behaving a dick). The Escape 2 - fixed spawn facing angle for defenders. Missions: 'Duck Hunt', 'Last Survivors', 'Grand Theft Bike', 'Springfield Underattack' are now disabled/removed due to numerous reasons (low rating, not compatible with v14, too much buggy or unfair). 2021-11-07 19:31:22
190 missions Klarina Part 9/11 Added a new mission: 'Tag: Three Minutes Of Madness' by Klarina. Added a new mission: 'Tag: Hamsters' by tubbsfrommiamivice. Added a new mission: 'Among Us: The Impostor' by Klarina. Added a new mission: 'Among Us: The Impostor 2' by Klarina. Added a new mission: 'Derby: San Fierro Sightseeing Tour' by Ryses. Added a new mission: 'Team Deathmatch: Minigun Madness' by Ryses (remake by Klarina), which replaces existing Parkour Rumble mission and gets disabled. Added a new mission: 'Destroy Targets: Green Grass' by Klarina (which 'tests' how Flamethrower works on such objects). Added a new mission: 'Squid Game: The First Encounter' by Swift. Added a new mission: 'Avoid The Bomb: Born To Die' by tubbsfrommiamivice. 2021-11-07 19:31:17
189 samp-server Klarina Part 8/11 Added a map setting that allows to unload lobby objects. This increases the limit of objects and decreases the probability of crashes due to large amount of objects. Currently applied to maps: Timeless Forest, Abu Dhabi Circuit, Singapore Circuit, Burning Moon 2. When lobby is disabled, players are teleported directly outside. Enter/exit pickups don't work. Class selection is temporarily outside the lobby too. The unload makes the map loading 3 seconds longer to make sure there's a delay between creating map objects and removing lobby. The server will now remove the map icon of next checkpoint when player fails to finish the race in time. Command /restart has been removed. Use /kill or /lcp instead. The prize (3 XP) for 1,000 HP will no longer work when killing with a helicopter. This is because a single kill often causes more than 2,000 HP of damage. The XP prize for killing a player is now kill dependent (killing spree adjustment). When 1st-5th kill is done, it's 1 XP for each. For 6th-10th = 2 XP each, 11th-15th = 3 XP each etc. The time in textdraw during races will now show the correct value (when you entered the last checkpoint, the time in chat and textdraw were different). The server will now update current position in Race more frequently (4 checks per second instead of one). Added prevention to show the same mission in voting list that is currently playing/finishing. Command /fix will now create a new vehicle instead of setting it to respawn, which fixes the problem about being teleported to Blueberry in Multi Races. This also fixes the angle of vehicle respawns, which previously was different compared to the facing angle. Fixed an issue that allowed to by-pass spawn protection by using fighting styles. When a voting dialog appears, the 'mission passed' sound is cut instead of playing it all over again. 2021-11-07 19:31:13
188 samp-server Klarina Part 7/11 Added 'The Unluckiest Killer' title for Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and Gun Game missions. Awarded when having a lot of damage given, but with a low amount of kills. Requirements: minimum 5 players online, minimum 1 kill, minimum ratio 1.333x (eg. 400HP+ while having 3 kills), only the player with highest ratio is selected, the mission is not finished early by an admin. No prize (or penalty) is given for the title. Added a code that reduces the occurence of Races, Multi Races and Zombie missions (they are not removed to keep the variety of them). It is not applied to parkour missions. Improved the code for c-bug. Nothing has been edited or removed from existing code, but when c-bug is done between warning cooldowns, the server forces to change the current weapon instead of doing nothing. Disabled thunderstorm, sandstorm and foggy weather when the mission chooses it randomized. The prices for shooting heavy vehicles in /shop are increased. The information about /shop discount will no longer be shown in Race missions. When a player finishes a Race or Multi Race (not applied to Parkour missions due to punching), player will be teleported to the lobby after 'Mission Passed' sound ends (after 7 seconds), not instantly as before. Leave the driven vehicle for a quicker teleport (this is to prevent blocking others). Fixed an issue that allowed to skip missions by non-VIPs by escaping the mission dialog. New ways to get XP points: punching an unique player by the impostor in Among Us missions (+1 XP), successfully planting the bomb, stealing the objective or killing the general (+3 XP + extra for being the champion later), destroying a single objective in Destroy Targets mission type (+1 XP), successfully capturing the flag (+2 XP), infecting a player as a Zombie (+1 XP). 2021-11-07 19:31:08
187 samp-server Klarina Part 6/11 In Mondays, when heavy items in /shop are enabled, players can buy a Satchel (limited to 1 per mission). Disallowed planting it next to the bomb spot & objective vehicle spawn. In Tuesdays, in most of TDM, Collecting, Bombing and Stealing missions players will be randomly getting Rocket Launchers (1 ammo) at spawn at frequency 1:50. In Wednesdays, obstacles will be randomized in each mission. We now have: a breakable crate (default), traffic cone, stack of crates, road barrier and explosive barrel. Some are more stronger than default crate, others are weaker. The price is kept the same. In Thursdays, all mission vehicles (except Race, Multi Race, Derby, Tag and Deathrun) have nitro installed. In Fridays, Black Friday is enabled and discounts in /shop are significantly higher than usual (up to -50%). In Saturdays, XP points are doubled. In Sundays, players have higher chances to win in /scratch (50% cards are winning ones). Animation command /kneekick fixed (by tubbsfrommiamivice). Possibly fixed an issue regarding to distance bar in Stealing missions not getting updated due to current objective driver ID not to reset after exiting it/dying. The lobby has been rearranged. It contains VIP only area, where access can be given in the reception. The aquarium is larger and contains moving fish. There are several NPCs around and you can interact with them. Players can also play songs in lobby using a machine for 1 cookie. 2021-11-07 19:31:03
186 samp-server Klarina Part 5/11 Added Scratches system. When three symbols are matched, a win is given. The highest possible prize is 20,000$ (and the odds are of course, low). A free scratch card is given after fully playing 5 missions. Can be also bought instantly in /shop for one Cookie. 33% of cards are winning ones (1:3). Removed /spin command due to Scratch system replacing it. A winning sound will be played when winning a bet and Crack The Code (which is the same in /scratch). Added admin command /dialogmessage (/dpm). Sends a message to a specified person as a dialog. Fixed commands /addtime and /deltime (the improvement disallows to show invalid values, like 03:80 minutes left). It also instantly updates the clock, so we don't have to wait anymore the mission to start. Command /jail now displays the duration. Explosive weapons (Grenade, Molotov, Rocket Launcher, Heat-Seeker and Flamethrower) now ban players when spawned with cheats, due to previously used function not affecting on these weapons. Improved anti-cheat for fake kills (bans when there are too many deaths within a short amount of time [A], too many detections of deaths with a weapon that the killer doesn't even have it [B], killer & killed having the same name [C], forbidden reason IDs [D]). Admin command /clearfirst will now also work in Multi Races and Parkours. Shotgun has been added to the weapon list to check for c-bug. When a voting dialog appears, the 'mission passed' sound is cut instead of playing it all over again. 2021-11-07 19:30:57
185 samp-server Klarina Part 4/11 Added a new mission type 'Tag' named as DERBY02. Player tries to hold the objective in vehicles as long as possible and others try to catch them. Added a new mission type 'Avoid The Bomb' named as DERBY03. A random player is chosen as a bomb holder and has to pass it someone else by hitting them with a vehicle. Added a new mission type 'Among Us' named as AMOGUS01. One of players is chosen as the Impostor. They have to punch other players to make them fail the mission. Other players are focused to kill others and keep away from them, to stay safe. Added a new mission type 'Squid Game' named as SQUID01. Remember, when the light is red, don't move! Added a new layout of timer & score textdraws. The maximum score that can be displayed is 999. A difference of Highest and Your score will be displayed next to textdraws (as '+1'). Screen fading and reappearing (transition) between played missions. Admins have a /refresh command that instantly removes someone's black screen if ever this issue will happen (if yes, probably due to desync). Both textdraws about ghost mode have been merged. The background of mission time left and outline race textdraw will now display colors randomly. When the mission time is higher than 100 minutes, it will display as fixed '99:59'. When there are 5 or less seconds left in the current mission, a bip sound will be played. Added a FPS counter. It is displayed in lower right of the screen. Additionally, when a player encounters low FPS (15 or less), other players will notice a text 'Low FPS' over such player. FPS of specified players can be also tracked with spectate mode. Similar to existing code about increments of XP points, it is done also for kills, damage and kill spree values. 2021-11-07 19:30:49
184 samp-server Klarina Part 3/11 Readded a function that doesn't let to plant a bomb while pausing due to ESCing or even crashing (instantly stops the bar). Added a command /winsound that allows to set any specified sound when winning a LTS/DM mission. Minimum level required to use: 10. Admins have commands /validatesound, /playsound and /bansound that help to avoid players doing shit with this feature. If such thing happens, player may get a permanent ban from using this function. Symbols !, #, @, $ can now be used alone in main chat. Players can now be muted by the server bot for spamming when /pm is used too quickly (keybind prevention). Command /me has now a 10 seconds cooldown (due to players like Sasha_Chizhov spamming roleplay stuff). Added chat filtering from bad words (this function can be disabled by managers using /filter, enabled by default). As an extra, this also disallows players to type /givecash (/gc, /givemoney) and /givecookie (/sc, /givec, /sendcookies) with own ID given This function does not apply to hottexts, /me and /pm. Command /givecash has now a 10 seconds cooldown (due to players sometimes sending and spamming 1$). Chat messages about punching are now displayed every 500 punches, instead of 1,000 (as players don't really fight as much as previously expected). When a player having headshots disabled makes one using a Sniper/Rifle, they see a message that encourages to enable it (note: the message won't appear in each headshot to make the player unconscious about effectiveness of shots). 2021-11-07 19:30:44
183 samp-server Klarina Part 2/11 Fixed unmatched tilde in 'Office' mission and typo about objective in Gun Game missions. Fixed flag drop when player holds the flag for too long in Capture The Flag missions. New point system for Capture The Flag: killing a player gives 1 point, killing a player holding a flag gives 3 points, capturing a flag gives 5 points. Destroy Targets mission type adjustments: added a toggleable setting to destroy the target slowly when is on fire (1 HP per second); added a toggleable setting if the objective has to explode after being totally destroyed (and the radius is decreased); allowed a code that lets destroy objectives with a Flamethrower; objectives can now be damaged/destroyed when the vehicle explodes next to it. The server will now force to create a checkpoint elsewhere in Derby missions when the next one is exactly at the same position as previous one. Zombie mode improvements: fixed mission passed/failed messages; zombies will get a doubled prize (50$) if they win the mission; multiple evacuation checkpoints (randomized); an alert about upcoming evacuation 45 seconds before the end; an alert when a player you infected died or cured (zombie gets a non-respawnable Chainsaw for killing a survivor, note that the Chainsaw cannot infect); when a zombie hits a player with no damage (due to lag), the server will force an infection in 1:5 randomized chances (and this allows to infect AFK player too); 1 zombie spawns per 8 players (9-16 survivors = 2 zombies, 17-24 survivors = 3 zombies); being the champion is now based on amount of kills instead of being the first to evacuate (but you still have to evacuate to be counted!); 10HP recovery for killing a zombie; zombies since the beginning will still pass the mission if maximum 2 players escape (required at least 8 zombies in the mission), further ones have not to let any survivor to escape. 2021-11-07 19:30:35
182 samp-server Klarina Part 1/11 When a Bombing, Stealing and General mission ends early (in less than 75 seconds from the beginning), the losing team will hear the 'All we had to do...' voice line (note that it will cut early if you die quickly, for example from the bomb explosion). When the bomb is planted, players near the marker will hear an alarm sound. When a defender entered the bomb marker while someone is already planting, it said you're currently planting it. Also, when a defender entered a marker, it said 'You can't plant a bomb in a car, genius!', which is meant to be shown only for attackers. These have been fixed. Additionally, when a defender enters a bomb spot in a vehicle, they are informed that blocking it with a vehicle is not allowed. Generals will be given armour in Team Deathmatch missions too, not only Last Team Standing. There's a health tracker of General as a bar, similar to objective health in stealing missions. Reduced the spawn duration in Last Team Standing missions from 20 seconds to 12 seconds. This significantly reduces the problem of protection-before-start abuse to reach certain places without any damage. All missions with spawn time 10 seconds have it increased to 15 seconds. This is applied mostly to racing missions. Fixed the code that finally lets more than 3 players to finish Death Run missions. When a player passes the mission before it ends (eg. finished the race or escaped in Zombie or Death Run mode), they will hear a different 'Mission Passed' sound (it also fixes an existing bug that doesn't let to play any sound). Increased break duration between missions by 1 second that lets to fully play 'Mission Passed' instead of cutting early. When a Rocket Launcher is given in Gun Game, the previous weapon (Chainsaw) is now removed. 2021-11-07 19:30:23
181 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha fixed problems with vehicles getting removed in freeroam. During event the normal players will aslo see the skip button for missions. Fixed the typo in The Ez 2021-10-20 02:59:29
180 website Sasuke_Uchiha Added Halloween theme + Halloween event stats. 2021-10-19 22:15:21
179 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Halloween Update... Well Fixed the achievements, check them you would have those now the missing ones. Updated a few, made them possible. Some achievements will unlocked when you do that certain task once again. Changed the lobby. Swift themed it though. Added pumpkins around san andreas. Added /hat command and /pumpkins for the event. /trickortreat for admins to give out gifts. Added achievements pickups too around san andreas. Fixed a lot of out of bounds errors in scripts. Added halloween only achievements and titles. Added Ghost Cloak (hides you on mini map) well it's not available in shop yet but can be found in pumpkins. And other things well I forgot. 2021-10-19 22:13:40
178 discord-bot King_Bert Fix error with notifyme command not checking if player was in game correctly when player has tag, and also handle case where no response given by the samp query. 2021-10-18 22:18:34
177 website King_Bert Fix bug with 24hour graph labels being generated incorrectly meaning the counts did not correctly correspond to the right time. Fix bug with API which meant that max of all time graph was not rendering due to no specifying of a server 2021-10-18 20:40:58
176 missions Sasuke_Uchiha Fixed Jog:Walle 2021-10-18 17:26:01
175 website King_Bert Can now see an individual server tracking by selecting it Can add any server to trackers Better API methods to prevent abuse 2021-10-17 20:25:57
174 website King_Bert Change to chartjs Update API methods to return colour graphs, Add rivals to player count monitor Provide buttons for seeing other date ranges 2021-10-17 15:50:34
173 website King_Bert Add monitor graph which for now only shows past 24 hours, plus API methods to allow multiple servers and multiple date ranges to be monitored (which will be added with graph viewing capability at a later date) https://mm-ftw.net/mini-missions-monitor.php 2021-10-17 03:53:11
172 samp-server King_Bert Add in backend facility using crons and scripts to query and save server data every 10minutes 2021-10-17 03:52:23
171 missions Klarina Texture changes of objects in Timeless Forest. Changed Sawnoff Shotgun to normal Shotgun for defenders in Destroy Targets missions. 2021-10-03 14:33:58
170 samp-server Klarina (Update 169 Continued) The prize for finishing a race with no obstacles placed is now dependent on playercount (now: 2-5 XP, before: static 2 XP) and requires at least 2 players online. When any XP point is given, it will be shown as '+1' or any other value, next to the level bar. Extra XP points for winning Last Team Standing when you're the only one left and there are multiple players in opponent team. Stealing missions will have an additional bar to track the health of objective vehicle. Additionally, two bars are running more smooth. Fixed a message in /guaranteedweapon (/gw) that you don't have any ammo left of your weapon after rejoin because it gets reset, not because you used all the bullets. When you have Guaranteed Weapon Card active and you buy the same weapon twice, the ammo is summed instead of being replaced. Added a randomized message in chat about existence of Guaranteed Weapon Card. 2021-10-03 13:44:56
169 samp-server Klarina The prize for 1,000 HP damage has been increased from 1 XP point to 3.Added improvements to anti-teamjacking system, including putting the driver back in the vehicle when they're jacked. Fixed Discord tools (or empty message) problem that was /fix related. When someone wins in a bet, the multiplier for non-racing missions is +0.5 (as an example 1.50 is set to 2.00) instead of x1.5 (previously 1.50 was giving 2.25) due to high wins. Fixed Weapon Guaranteed Card and Ammo Card purchases incorrectly displaying in chat. In races with vehicles (normal and multiraces) give 20 percent of chances to make the very first obstacle for free (note that XP points will be given from 3rd obstacle then instead of 2nd). Added a punch counter in lobby for our WWE players. Removed a message about leaving the objective vehicle when entered as a passenger by defenders. For some reason command /kill often did not work, showing delay error. This has been fixed. 2021-10-03 13:39:44
168 missions Klarina Added three hidden races that can be forced by admins only: RC Riders 1, RC Riders 2, RC Riders 3. These will never be chosen randomly in the cycle and are added for some fun. Grateful Dead - updated map (including trap, which is removed). Jog: Walle - updated map (fix by tubbsfrommiamivice). 2021-10-02 19:02:23
167 samp-server Klarina Part 2/2: Fixed a bug that ended gun game as a draw when there was 13:13 and one of teams kill with a Chainsaw. Added anti-teamjacking system for bought vehicles. Owner of the vehicle can jack the vehicle anytime (to get back what they bought), others are not allowed to get in when someone from their team is inside. Vehicle obstacles have now their positions and rotations adjusted based on current vehicle rotation (when going upwards/downwards, these will be placed on the road now). Fixed a problem related to weapons not given, health not adjusted or not being put in the vehicle caused by a double death (known as cigarette bug). Spectate system requires now to list players that are also logged in. Heavy weapons are no longer avaliable using Guaranteed Weapon Card due to SA-MP limits. Instead, now you are allowed to restore it in any next mission (but /shop must be enabled!), but the duration is reduced to 1 hour. VIPs have this function available for 3 hours. Weapon Guaranteed Card and Ammo Card purchases are now displayed in chat. Players with nicknames IP related are now automatically kicked. Fixed an issue where an in-game minute was actually 59 seconds (eg. the timer at 1:01 went instantly to 0:59, skipping 1:00). Added /buycookies alias (/bc). Removed message 'Please wait 15 seconds before using fix hot key.' when trying to drive-by. Deathrun missions no longer have a playercount limit (previously only three players could get to the checkpoint). Command /respawn typo fixed (objecive to objective). When a player is chosen to die (Deathrun missions), bets are given back when any bet is put on this player. Changed wins for bets. All races have x1.50 to x2.25 (current playercount dependent). Non-racing missions have extra x1.5 compared to racing ones. Added admin command /gotoveh (allows to teleport to any current vehicle, mostly for debug purposes). 2021-09-16 22:18:00
166 samp-server Klarina Part 1/2: In Last Team Standing missions, players are unable to hurt themselves before the timer starts to run. Damage indicator will not be shown when trying to harm players having spawn protection enabled. Players will receive an extra XP point for every 1,000 HP damage done on players. Muted players are not allowed to use /pm, but were still able to use /r. This has been fixed. Fixed bet win messages, where only the first character was shown. Command /flip will also reset the vehicle angular velocity, not only put back your car on wheels. Race winners will be given two extra XP points if no obstacles were placed, XP for each obstacle reduced to 1 (and is given only starting from the second obstacle). Added a new mission type 'Destroy Targets' named as BOMB02. Defenders try to stop attackers from destroying objectives. Command /duty hides the nickname over player and the pink color is no longer set. Replaced animations data that fix movement (by tubbsfrommiamivice). Removed titles when sending messages to Discord about using /fix, /flip, /lcp (too long messages, these did not display). Fixed score display in DM/Derby/Collect mission types (when there's draw, the textdraw did not get updated). Added admin command /clearfirst. When a player that finishes the race is kicked/banned, the 1st position is cleared and all bets refunded (use it immediately before someone else finishes!). Fixed an existing command /nopm (/disablepm). Added abuse protection (when enabling, it gets applied after 60 seconds) and the setting is also being saved. The winner in gun game missions gets an RPG for a few seconds. 2021-09-16 22:17:37
165 missions Klarina Added a new mission 'Destroy Targets: Warehouse Invaders' by Klarina. Added a new mission 'Race: Bullet Train' by Klarina. Added a new mission 'Race: Risky Jump' by Klarina. Added a new mission 'Race: Is This Happiness' by Klarina. Adjusted checkpoint size, weather and time in 'Abu Dhabi Circuit' mission. Replaced objects for Ignition and Sunk City (by Commander_Steel). Added a new mission 'Race: Timeless Forest' by Commander_Steel. Added a new mission 'Destroy Targets: Amphetamine' by Klarina. The Dropdown - allow to drop only when there 2 or more players on the platforms, to reduce the amount of draws (this will be done for more similar missions if works correctly). Added a new mission 'Deathrun: Grateful Dead' by Ryses. Added a new mission 'Death Race: 2 Run 2 Crash' by tubbsfrommiamivice. Nice Shot mission does not allow you to run to the pyramid anymore. Additionally, adjusted position of one walls that allowed to shoot between. Added a new mission 'Parkour: Jog: Walle' by tubbsfrommiamivice. Removed objects in Burning Sand mission (duplicated objects from Fat N Furious 2012 map). Added closer spawns to the bomb spot in 'Eggrock Bay' mission for defenders. 2021-09-16 22:15:51
164 samp-server Klarina Fixed crashes due to objects caused by Collapsed Tunnels mission not ending properly (objects are not getting removed -> more object slots used -> maximum amount of objects exceeded in certain missions -> crash all players). This also fixes the textdraw problem. 2021-09-06 17:53:55
163 missions Klarina 'The Angry Cock - vehicle position a little further from defender's spawn. Added 5 more vehicles to this mission. Fixed Haunted Station survivor's spawn due to spawn unjamming feature. Removed 3 objects from this map (unreachable spot by zombies). Removed half of boats blocking the way in Morning Sun. Three helicopters for attackers added. Mugen Tsukyomi - vehicles are red, as requested by map author. Warehouse Assault - updated weapons (the most important one, reduced amount of grenades from 4 to 2). Abu Dhabi Circuit, Golf Club, James Blond: From Area With Love maps have been fixed and enabled again. New mission Deathmatch: Collapsed Tunnels (by Ryses). Added 30 seconds to Hotring Racer mission. For Gone In Seconds, shop enabled. Fray In The Hood - must move disabled (not needed in this mission, as there are no camping spots). New mission Last Man Standing: Cruel World (by Klarina). Added Z_LIMIT for Crater Clash map. Additionally, create 3 spawns for each team to decrease spawnkilling. Removed one spawn from Girls Ride mission (spawning in front of unbreakable chair).' 2021-09-01 03:57:52
162 samp-server Klarina 'When using /cookie too fast, it will be displayed how many seconds are left before using it again. Command /sellcookies can be used once every 4 seconds and the offer expires after 60 seconds. Capture The Flag - the checkpoint is reset after the mission resets. Players are unable to hold a flag for longer than 60 seconds. Display vehicle speed in spectating mode. The code to check the highest score in current mission has been rewritten. This should now display the nickname and value properly. Reduced unjamming distance range by 1/3. This should decrease the occurence of bugged spawns. Shops for normal players and VIPs have been merged. Changed /shop lists for weapons and vehicles. Changed default prices and amounts of ammo. Some new items added. Randomized /shop prices in every mission to 80-120% default values. When the price is lower than 90% with /shop enabled, it will be informed in the beginning of map. Added Weapon Guaranteed Card. It gives your weapon back after dying (must be in the same mission!). Active for 3 hours (real time hours, not playtime), costs 5 cookies. Added Ammo Card. It gives 50% of extra ammo for every weapon bought with /shop. Active for 3 hours (real time hours, not playtime), costs 5 cookies. Removed sound when player successfully manages to steal an objective vehicle. Fixed an empty message being sent when using /fix and /lcp. Bet winner will not have their title given in chat, will be displayed only for the champion. This is a result of too many characters used when two players have a title, making the message not to display in chat.' 2021-09-01 03:56:27
161 discord-bot King_Bert Fix bug with !update command where it would not work for certain items. Add a #bot-logs channel where every !restart of the main server will be logged, and any bans will be logged instead of in #admin-announcements, and edited the bot accordingly 2021-08-31 00:55:01
160 samp-server Klarina 'Added a code that disallows to plant a bomb while pausing. After going away for 1s, the bar stops going up. After 2.5 seconds, the progress is reset and player is respawned. Highest /bet amount set to 150$ when there are 20 players online or more. In range 7-19 players, the old amount (50$) is kept. Discord command 'respawn' did not give weapons back in missions using LMS01.inc Removed titles when sending private messages, which fixes a problem where a message isn't displayed (too many characters). There are 2 free credits for /fix, /flip and /lcp use, but prices are decreased to 10$ (only vehicle respawn costs 15$). Additionally, messages are rewritten.' 2021-08-28 16:35:42
159 missions Klarina 'Fixed defender's spawn in Cabbery mission (unjamming feature made some players stuck in the wall).' 2021-08-28 16:34:15
157 samp-server Klarina :gamble: emoji changed to :game_die: (incorrectly displayed in in #echo) Weapons in Gun Game are randomized, but the first weapon will be always Minigun and the last one is Chainsaw. The xth weapon will be the same for all players, eg. if the second weapon is set to be a Shotgun, it will be like that for all players. There's a setting RANDOM_GG_WEAPON, when set to 'false', will force to play with old, static set (currently all Gun Game missions have it randomized). When there are no Chainsaw kills in Gun Game missions in mission time, the person getting highest score first becomes the champion and their team wins. Titles causing to show double spacebars (extra character) in chat and black boxes have been fixed. Added instant unjamming with range of 3x3 metres in all missions and DM zone except checkpoints backups in parkour maps. If this causes any mission spawn to break (outside the map), it will be adjusted. Damage messages will be shown only when the amount is larger than 1.0. This disables the 'spam' caused by Fire Extinguisher and when a player is burning (eg. from Molotov). Added must move to all Last Team Standing maps using melee weapons (eg. Baseball, Casino Wars) to prevent standing on unreachable spots and being unable to be caught. Last Man Standing missions will give a weapon 3 seconds after the mission starts. This is to give players time to run away without being shot before first movement. Add character max length 128 for messages sent to discord echo. Draw distance to obstacles set to 500 metres instead of default. Fixed an issue where players were having full health during 1.0 HP missions (adjust health when the clock starts counting). 2021-08-27 14:21:06
156 missions Klarina Run 'N Crash - instantly puts player in the vehicle instead of killing. 9000ft - enabled existing 3D labels showing oxygen spots, were created in a different virtual world. Adjusted ammo for Gun Game missions (decreased for slow weapons like Sniper, increased for machine guns, like Tec9): fy_backyard, fy_poolday, fy_sand, fy_snow, roar, the_ez. Stadium Top - fixed weapon skill level (after this mission, player had always held a single Colt weapon). Drugs On Fire - checkpoint position and size adjusted (no longer allows to plant a bomb behind the wall). Decreased gravity in Avalanche mission with health increased. Disallowed punching in 'The Dropdown', 'Until Dawn', 'Fall And Furious', 'New Year's Day' and 'High By The Beach' (elimination after 3 warnings). Removed two bugged platforms (placed outside the map) in 'The Dropdown' mission. Weapon balance for 'de_dust2' mission. Windows in Office mission (with Kim Jong Un) are no longer breakable, which disallows players to reach an empty room. Last Survivors objective vehicle changed to Mesa. Added objects for Hotring Racer to help players to find the right race path. Updated objects for Normandy Invasion, Mario Kart and Ignition by Commander_Steel. The Lost Village - removed additional object (vertical runway). The Dropdown winner requires to stand on the platform. When the very last person fell off, the mission ends as a draw. This is applied to all other similar missions. Hell In A Cell - explosions frequency is set to the same we have in The Explodedown (give players chance to run away). Weapons in all zombie missions are always Deagle (35 ammo) and Shotgun (35 ammo) due to previous disproportion. 2021-08-27 13:58:19
155 discord-bot King_Bert Head admins can now use !restart and developer staff may use !specbump 2021-08-22 00:53:37
154 website King_Bert Update authentication to allow server developers to access parts of the MCP (Add mission, edit mission data and remove race records), the SCP and display Server Developers on mm-ftw.net/admin-team.php 2021-08-22 00:40:26
153 samp-server Klarina Fixed $ character not being removed when replying a private message using $. 2021-08-21 23:30:37
152 discord-bot King_Bert Updated methods for !update and !restart so that Developer Staff can use it and so restart specifies which server to restart. Also moved files on server side to no longer use github but instead be uploaded and start-bot script updated to reflect this. 2021-08-21 21:16:29
151 missions Sasuke_Uchiha Added Wood Land - Team Deathmatch by Zeeshan 2021-08-18 02:59:56
150 missions Sasuke_Uchiha Updated Bike Tour Added Shooting Range - Destroy Targets by Klarina Added Check Mate - Team Deathmatch by Commander_Steel Added High at the Beach - Destroy Targets by Klarina 2021-08-16 23:48:41
149 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Updated Obstacle price Fixed the Obstacle price message Added DM Zone (Kills/deaths do not count in /stats). 2021-08-12 06:53:12
148 missions Sasuke_Uchiha Added Bike Tour - Race by PhyscoX Updated Fall and Furious (Map texture update by Commander_Steel) Fixed already placing bombing messages - reported by Klarina 2021-08-12 06:51:30
147 missions Sasuke_Uchiha Added Mugen Tsukyomi - Survive On Luck by Commander_Steel Added Scrapyard - Last Man Standing by JimmySpaceTravel1337 Added Fall and Furious - Survive On Luck by Tubbs 2021-08-12 00:07:14
146 website aQuaNight Updated VIP prices. Now it's cheaper to buy VIP. Also added ability to buy 1 week VIP. More info here: https://mm-ftw.net/vip.php 2021-08-11 01:51:32
145 website King_Bert Add a new webhook for reporting players which will later be opened up to normal players too. The webhook will report in admins channel and allow proofs to be uploaded. The webhook will also provide key data for admins to see and be colour coded. 2021-07-06 02:50:28
144 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Fixed permission of admin command, updated commands list. Added playmusic command for head admins. Anti fakekills detection changed a little. Updated the IP's database which tells your country (Yep i'm back in Pakistan according to new one) last one was from 2018, now its' from 5 days ago. Fixed the specbug 2021-06-18 03:49:11
143 missions swift -Enabled Backroad, Wanderers, Dirtbike Danger, Fastlane, Go-Go Karting, Ignition, Monster Country, Vinewood 2021-06-13 18:01:15
142 website King_Bert Fix MCP unban serial functionality - now serials will set all bans with that serial as inactive, serial ban inactive and regardless of which account it is (so we don't only unban the purely serial bans, we also unban player bans which had serial ban set to active) 2021-06-04 00:36:20
141 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added polak's suggestion. Fixed incorrect ban date text. /r won't work if player left. Hot reload for adding clan members. 2021-05-09 17:34:43
140 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Fixed the spectate bug (Finally) Fixed few other small bugs changed lobby spawn. 2021-04-25 01:40:38
139 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added the server part of notifyme those will show up in <#770423031477567529> channel. (Will work once server is restarted) 2021-04-16 23:15:23
138 discord-bot King_Bert Fix issue with underscores escaping on <#789200667838775366>. Add !notifyme command to discord bot - you can specify a player name and you will get @ed on discord echo when they connect. Awaiting samp-server update for full functionality. 2021-04-16 23:11:31
137 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Changed the way stats were updated. Added 3rd assist color change. Forgot what else I did ._. 2021-04-04 20:01:31
136 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added anti jetpack hack, fixed few string sizes. 2021-04-02 04:15:20
135 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Fixed a small bug in clan tags, actually with peoples not having it. Fixed a bug with zombies script crashing. Fucked up people who will try to rcon login. 2021-03-24 05:12:19
134 website King_Bert Add ability to upload proofs as a moderator through the ACP in MP4 format with 100MB limit. 2021-03-23 19:49:27
133 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added Anti Fake kills (Hope so it would work), Added anti infra and night vision, Report spam prevention added, your @everyone will be changed to everyone, CBUG health damage increased, myid command has been removed from server, Reconnect will not ask you to register if you are using clan tags, Long and Empty PM bugs fixed, Typo's fixed, Polak's code added in The Dropdown, /restart will force restart your mission from start now and not last CP in some missions. The mission changes would be visible in a day or 2. 2021-03-21 00:23:14
132 discord-bot King_Bert Create command for creating a clan which will automatically give the player Clan Leader role on discord and set assign their discord id to their in-game account 2021-02-21 02:43:40
131 discord-bot King_Bert Add commands for adding and removing clan members from your in game clan. In order to use this command you need clan leader role on discord, a clan associated to you in game and your discord id linked to your in game account. 2021-02-21 00:49:50
130 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Cbug toleration level 0! (Added annoying dialog) Health goes down by 20 now on cbug. Serial matches echo changed from reports channel. 2021-02-16 15:14:08
129 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Removed lobby's xmas theme. Added clans system ig explore it out. Added assists in /stats. /settings to enable/disable your clan tag. 2021-02-12 19:47:52
128 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Fixed cookies not being able to send in mission. Added separate unmute command. Team chat won't show up in discord echo (will show in admin). Fixed a bug where spectator could steal flag. Added that /remove won't remove objective vehicle. /remove should delete the labels of shopped vehicle as well now. Bet missing messages should be fixed. Longer PM's will return error instead of empty message. Weapons hack reason fixed. Armour hack reason will now show in ban as well. Fixed a typo in cabbery mission. 2021-01-30 00:36:22
127 discord-bot King_Bert Make makedj cmd available in more channels and also make nickcheck command work even with excessive data (by limiting response and referring to acp tool instead) 2021-01-23 01:13:59
126 discord-bot King_Bert Re-enable server and players commands such that they can be re-used in the echo channels 2021-01-07 19:54:37
125 discord-bot King_Bert Fix makedj command authentication issues allowing any admin to use it. Also fixes issue with finding nick of promoted or demoted user and prevents roles being removed before we know what new role to give. 2020-12-23 23:01:21
124 discord-bot King_Bert Fix bug with refactored code failing to find a channel object in the guild cache causing channel send to fail. With help from samurai 2020-12-19 18:12:05
123 discord-bot King_Bert The bot will now constantly update the current status of the server in the server-status channel every 30 seconds updating it with the player count and mission etc. It will also be colour coded - 0 to 20 players being green, 21 to 40 being yellow, 40 and more being red. 2020-12-18 00:15:27
122 website Sasuke_Uchiha XMAS Event page now shows who met santa clause! https://mm-ftw.net/xmasgifts2020.php 2020-12-05 06:47:05
121 website Sasuke_Uchiha Added XMAS event page to display event stats. 2020-12-04 03:51:29
120 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Changed `gambling color`, Fixed `votemode mission missing`, Added `Infinite health in lobby`, Added `HUD to see your mission score (selection for champion)`, Fixed `/cycle`, Added `/afix`, Added `Credits shop`, Added `5 Golden Gifts found around SA worth $20 real cash each`, Added `Gifts which are available in missions.`, Added `Santa clause find him`, Added `Toys related to xmas` Added `Achievements related to XMAS`, Added `Titles related to XMAS`, Fixed `/oban`, Fixed `/ban`, Added `animations (/anims)`, Added `new textdraws`, Removed `xp textdraws`, Added `Progress bar for level xp`, Fixed `count command bug` Fixed `!getip showing in echo`, Fixed `!/sethealth !/setarmour commands`, Fixed `givevip bug`, Added `way to extend vip while you are vip` , Added `The maker of opponents will not show in LTS and PTG` A lot more done as well but those are script level changes mainly and forgot a lot of things too. 2020-12-04 03:50:44
119 discord-bot Swift Add more !media commands for fun times 2020-11-17 17:44:41
118 discord-bot King_Bert Fix error with discord bot which meant database related commands sometimes wouldn't work - you need to release database pool connections once you are finished so they may be used again!! (Concurrency lock acquire and release) 2020-11-14 22:01:31
117 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Kill Spree won't count it lobby, fixed other bug with it. Added Zombie type. Sounds are being added now by swift (very cool). 2020-11-14 21:47:34
116 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Fixed custom titles bug, Added kill sprees my bad I didn't add those last time (added new kills system last time), Added /me command. Fixed farmers dream. Fixed closed in, added message telling mission won by x votes. 2020-11-14 00:12:01
115 website King_Bert Remove iVenom event from index page ONLY (the url still exists for now). Add Top Assists to top kills page. Fix the APIs so they default to showing stats for the current month in the current year by default, so that it's more useful for people who come to see it 2020-11-08 03:59:35
114 discord-bot King_Bert Fix !cmds command in echo channels so that it now correctly returns also the commands which are similar to the ingame commands. Use !cmds in any channel to get the list of commands specific to that channel and according to your rank (there is no !acmds). This fix is based on type system importing. Also fix typo in !pm cmd 2020-11-08 03:45:05
113 missions Swift -Some maps have been reverted to their original forms (types) -Disabled a couple of mutilated maps 2020-11-06 04:03:17
112 missions Swift -This shitty command is broken 2020-11-06 04:00:00
111 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha thanks to FayBex we found the bug on name change, fixed it. Fixed not being able to join. 2020-11-03 15:39:43
110 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Fixed the map last overthrown, Most likely fixed the objects disappearing bug (CTF missions object wasn't deleted, and moving walls; walls) These took up the place so other objects couldn't be added. Money and cookies can be transferred in missions now. /setarmour /sethealth added. Added kill streaks. Added free /flip or /fix or /lcp 3 times per mission. You will get $2 for every 3 kills you will loose $1 for every 6 deaths and you will get $1 for every 3 assists. 2020-11-03 13:13:29
109 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Roller Mission train fix, Rank up problem which caused script crash, Toys system problem causing script crash, -> 3D arrays to 2D now idk why pawn can't handle that. /nickcheck fixed, $ is added shortcut for /reply. Avalanche problems, run and crash problems and pilot dreams. Stopped echoing radio songs in head channel. 2020-11-02 11:05:09
108 missions Swift -Enabled Blank Space- Capture The Flag (Gravity) By Bullet -Added Bloodring Rumble - Collecting Derby (shooting missiles) -Added Mighty LS - Race By Eugine -Added NFS: Dark Age - Race By JimmySpaceTravel1337 -Added Through The Lake - Race (not new) By Bullet -Update: Added Invisible Floors in the hallways of Home Invasion (so the attackers can run and reach their target quickly) -Added Roller Coaster - Avalanche By Bullet -Disabled The Takeoff 2020-11-01 21:26:25
107 discord-bot Swift/King_Bert Swift added new media commands in particular he added !itiswhatitis, !ytho and !stfu. I then went and fixed his code errors (cos of the new typing system) so now the commands will be fully functional and appear correctly in the list of !media commands. 2020-10-29 00:56:42
106 website King_Bert Fix dumb mistake I made and also add ability to custom add IDs to new missions. 2020-10-29 00:55:35
105 website King_Bert Add missions number to each mission - this does not correlate to the mission id but is just a running count of the missions (as the missions are in alphabetical order) 2020-10-28 23:54:54
104 missions Swift -Enabled Illicit Affairs- Protect The General By Bullet -Enabled Departure - Parkour By Bullet -Added Big Prize - Stealing By Ryses -Added Shotgun Hobos - Last Man Standing By FuTuRe <:doubt:763135089332584502> -Added Melodic Explosions - Team Deathmatch By Ryses -Added Rainy Night - Parkour By Kranger -Disabled Parking Rumble. 2020-10-28 19:57:41
103 discord-bot King_Bert Introduce command type system into discord bot to differentiate between the types of commands available. Use this to update !cmds to not show media commands, and add a !media command which shows media-only cmds. 2020-10-27 18:37:35
102 discord-bot Swift Added some fun discord commands for posting pictures and videos. These are !apologize, !english, !gay, !itemeaustin, !jabroni, !lying, !nani, !niga, !ohno, !ok, !omae, !sausage, !surprise, !wakata 2020-10-27 18:21:38
101 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Fixed obstacle and armour bug as well. Capture the flag bugs as wel. 2020-10-27 06:07:11
100 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Fixed VIP Shop no rocket launcher bug, Fixed the typo saying weapons in vehicles shop. Added a vip gifting commands /givevip u can earn these credits as same price as vip and gift anyone anytime. Need to be added in database. On race/parkour ends mission time left should be changed to 1 min. Improved vehicles structure, /remove all should remove all the vehicles spawned using /v. Type in /force has been fixed. Cbug should reduce health now. CBUG messages have been removed from the reports channel. Discord only echo channel added. !PM added. LCP fixed. Announce commands fixed. Into the staff ach fixed. Fixed gun game. Fixed incorrect titles. All titles and achievements have been removed to fix this bug, you will earn those ASAP. Just do a task related to that. 2020-10-27 05:27:32
99 missions Swift -Added Weed Business - Stealing By Ryses -Added De Dust - Team Deathmatch By FuTuRe -Added De Train - Last Team Standing By Jackob -Added Cs Assault - Bombing By JimmySpaceTravel1337 -De Dust 2 is now a Last Team Standing 2020-10-26 22:26:08
98 missions Swift -Added Weed Business - Stealing - N/A -Added De Dust - Team Deathmatch By FuTuRe -Added De Train - Last Team Standing By Jackob -Added Cs Assault - Bombing By JimmySpaceTravel1337 -De Dust 2 is now a Last Team Standing 2020-10-26 22:12:04
97 missions Swift -Added The Caribbean - Deathrun By JimmySpaceTravel1337 -Added The Escape 2 - Deathrun By Ryses -Added Stunt Zone Escape - Deathrun By JimmySpaceTravel1337 -Added Police Academy - Race By Bullet -Added Meet at Graveyard - Race By aQuaNight -Enabled FY Supermarket - Gun Game By Bullet 2020-10-26 17:21:59
96 missions Swift -Added H2O - Last Man Standing By [MM]Eminem -Enabled Out OF The Woods - Parkour By Bullet -Added Moving Walls - Deathmatch By Libra_PL -Added Burning Moon 2 - Race By Bullet ( an alternative for the Original map. ) -Added Sahara Challenge - Race N/A 2020-10-26 17:21:36
95 discord-bot King_Bert Add missions as a server which sends updates to mission-log channel 2020-10-26 17:20:10
94 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha /getip, /aka and /oaka are added IG now. <@!589509160077492254>: FINALLY!!! 2020-10-25 04:57:07
93 website King_Bert Fix bug which caused top time played person to not be displayed in the list. 2020-10-24 18:59:11
92 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added /pann2 and /ann2 as alias commands to asay and psay. Fixed few missions. Updated Deathruns and Farmers Dreams that now there will be a killer every 3 players unless we reach max killers such as 3 in farmers dream. Unjam is available for mods now. VIP Flashing Colors, Preferred Color are here /settings! Added alert if on /duty when you join the mission. VIP display bug in stats has been fixed. Max scores have been changed to 100k in collecting so kind of removed it. Toys level has been changed to level 9. Avalanche has a new system now, vehicles fall and kill you! 2020-10-24 06:30:43
91 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Fixed money display bug. Updated No Respawn PTG (Amour; Freeze added). Added Armour Anti Cheat. Added !news for DJ's. Fixed bug with ghost mode in other missions such as stealing and bombing. Reduced the chance of rainy and foggy weathers by 75%. 2020-10-13 22:21:39
90 discord-bot King_Bert Fix !playerinfo command that caused bot to crash because of old code left over from previous iteration. 2020-10-13 00:30:57
89 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Enabled event, added few event related messages. Headshots will work even if disabled for the event. Updated ban command a bit. 2020-10-12 16:29:53
88 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Fixed /disablev and now all bans from bots should be of 14 days 2020-10-12 12:15:11
87 discord-bot Sasuke_Uchiha Added missing commands, updated the format for commands. 2020-10-10 20:59:38
86 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added iVenom Event, Fixed selling cookies message, updated /(p)ann so mods can use it and changed a message that was send to everyone. Added /(p)asay. Removed !cmds and !acmds from IG bot now other bert's bot should show this only. Removed !bancheck !nickcheck have been removed from IG bot. Radio removed from testing server, so it won't mess the times. Updated radio a bit as well. Remove all duplicate times from radio. Added /disablev command so admins can disable /v in lobby. Added freeze commands. Added disarm commands. 2020-10-10 20:58:28
85 website Sasuke_Uchiha Added event page for the real cash event by iVenom. 2020-10-10 09:56:06
84 website King_Bert Add new button provided by aQuaNight for buying VIP using PayPal on https://mm-ftw.net/vip.php. You can now provide your username when buying to make it easier to let us know that you bought it! 2020-10-09 18:11:53
83 website King_Bert Fix Race Records API query NOT NULL and LIMIT error so that NULL is not counted in the queries limit. Top race records should now show correctly where available. 2020-10-06 21:43:45
82 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added more random messages regarding event, thanks to iVenom for the messages and event too :c. Fixed spelling mistake in paused. Fixed all multi races. The first two would work after server gets restarted, race fixes are available from next mission. 2020-10-06 17:13:52
81 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Fixed server stuck problem if file is missing, admins just use /force now it should work. Added that your played time will not increase if you have paused the game. It tells on discord when someone pauses the game and resumes. 2020-10-06 08:01:06
80 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha fixed /v problem. Added random vehicles to derby. Added another race modified type which can be seen in 8 Sketch. Added random messages 1 per min. CBUG Alert has been changed to once after every 20 second per player. Changed admin info color as it was messing with team color orange. 2020-10-06 07:27:16
79 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added Capture the flag, Added Respawn commands for objective as well as player. Fixed few typos. Fixed a race bug which krager reported. Complete the mission info on start and in /cycle. Removed few weathers. Mission Timer has been changed to 1 second. 2020-10-05 04:23:43
78 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Fixed the spawn protect bug. Fixed Connect message problem. Fixed Player is banned problem. Added anti G abuse, added an alert of cbug, added connection limits to 4 per IP else you get banned for a day. Added Anti team jack, you can jack back your shopped vehicles. Fixed the error which was when test server would be running. 2020-10-04 23:55:50
77 discord-bot King_Bert Add !players command (for Code basically) and allow !server and !players to be usable in bot-channel as well. 2020-10-04 21:09:09
76 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Changed server missions limit to 300 from 100. Added a lot of weapon commands, actually all there were to be added. Added unjam. Added an fix for toys that interfere in aim. Added Cookie sharing and Money sharing commands which would only work in lobby. Added a fix for lobby being forced after every 30 mission now it's 300 missions. Fixed missions, and made race time to work faster. Changed announcement TD. 2020-10-04 06:13:47
75 website King_Bert Fix radio streams to now correctly (and I promise this time xD) the last streams and the total stream time. Also fixes race records.php which was skipping some missions and fixes the query for getting all race mission names in stats API 2020-10-04 01:40:13
74 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha wipe/lock chat added, announcement commands added. A temp fix to player is banned bug added. Made testing possible as now echo channels are being used for main server. Rules reading time has been changed to 5 seconds. Most likely fixed the spawn protection label bug. 2020-10-03 22:10:00
73 website King_Bert Update the SCP to also restart Version 14 and not v13 to avoid future errors. 2020-10-03 13:58:45
72 discord-bot King_Bert Patch code so that restart cmd starts up V14 not V13 and fix authorisation issue to prevent normal users being able to access Owner/Manager commands. Special thanks to <@!426414229550006272> for spotting this (this was as a result of the previous update code simplification). 2020-10-03 13:56:13
71 discord-bot King_Bert Add togglerequest cmd to list of commands available in echo-radio, remove VIP status from playerinfo until I can be bothered to find a better way of determining VIP, modify restart message so it no longer mentions the auto-restart script and disable auto-restart script in time for V14, modify message given in cmds and remove commands command. Update NVM Node Installation on the server so we can now successfuly use edited embeds. These can be seen with the !ping and !cmds commands. 2020-10-02 03:57:42
70 website King_Bert Fix UCP page profile.php so that it now correctly displays VIP status based on ID instead of mine. Add the variables m_Weapons, m_Heavy, m_Vehicles, m_PoisonousWater and m_FreeRace to MCP for adding and editing missions. 2020-10-02 03:55:51
69 discord-bot King_Bert Ammend restart discord bot cmd to not use auto restart script 2020-09-29 22:08:27
68 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added few more mission types such as with explosions, with vehicles spawn and explosions for LMS, added death run too. 2020-09-29 19:14:25
67 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added few modifications to the missions. Updated the bot to FuTuRe from Bulma, Fixed few bugs. Added Anti Weapon Hack. 2020-09-29 06:21:51
66 discord-bot King_Bert Refactor discord bot code for it to be simplified and easier to add new commands. Make !cmds prettier and add channel/user specific list of commands. When list is long, it will be dmed to the user. Restrict access to certain commands in certain channels. In particular, !server is now only usable in general-mm-chat and the echo channels. 2020-09-29 02:45:40
65 website King_Bert Add Weapons Shop, Vehicles Shop, Poisonous Water, Heavy Vehicles and Free Race to missions info. Fix VIP page to query the database correctly and only show active VIPs. Fix Radio Streams API to correctly query the database based on date and automatically query today's date. 2020-09-29 00:45:18
64 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added a lot of things, sorry I have been busy to log things properly. Added around 3 mission types. Added Shop. Forgot other things. 2020-09-25 11:06:06
63 website aQuaNight Added Donate button on VIP page. After donation - you **MUST** contact aQuaNight in order to get your VIP in-game and on Discord and provide proof of your payment. 2020-09-24 23:12:57
62 website King_Bert Add front-end overflow fix for update log, frontend fixes for UCP buttons so they look nicer and front-end fix for Welcome text to prevent overflow of long usernames. 2020-09-24 16:35:14
61 website King_Bert Add VIP Page, complete with VIP benefits, Donation Button (PayPal only but with text recommending users to get in touch with us if they wish to use alternative methods!) and current vips list with expiry. 2020-09-24 02:56:34
60 website King_Bert Fix radio frontend, make it dynamically changing, fix radio queries so that they correctly display last 20 streams 2020-09-24 00:42:48
59 website King_Bert Fix query related bugs and small front end changes to make website look a bit nicer. 2020-09-23 23:17:07
58 website King_Bert Clean up large amounts of code and improve user interaction by implementing redirects and variables for remembering input data 2020-09-23 21:12:18
57 website King_Bert Add last 20 radio streams, total DJ time, Listen to radio page. Also add achievements, titles and toys page complete with pictures. Also add update log to website. SCP now works and will be able to restart both servers. 2020-09-23 16:37:55
56 website King_Bert Finish the UCP (finally) and radio and stats related stuff. Now all that's left is a huge clean up and the SCP 2020-09-22 23:17:32
55 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha fixed bugs, added a new mission type. 2020-09-22 22:34:50
54 website King_Bert Complete MCP 2020-09-22 21:38:07
53 website King_Bert Complete ACP 2020-09-22 16:24:19
52 website King_Bert Fix UCP Profile Page to now show all stats based on mission type for a single player. Also fix the UCP so Moderators can't ban Owners xD 2020-09-22 01:41:36
51 website King_Bert Add listening to radio on website and add past radio streams webpage. 2020-09-22 01:41:13
50 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha V14 Beta Testing bugs fixed, Changed team colors, Server color and few other colors. IDK Added a lot of things after the last update I just forgot to update the update log sorry A lot is done and few things left 2020-09-22 00:08:46
49 website King_Bert Add a whole profile page to UCP, searching profile. Profile will now display register date, last seen, picture of vip skin, toys with pictures, achievements, titles, user stats displayed by mission, month and year and mini games stats such as blackjack. It will also supply vital information to adminstrators. 2020-09-21 18:55:26
48 website King_Bert Add more UCP pages and fixes for UCP, in particular the ACP and MCP 2020-09-20 21:45:15
47 website King_Bert Change website to query the new table for mini games such as BlackJack, Crack the Code and Spin for getting stats on those and displaying them. 2020-09-20 15:18:20
46 website King_Bert Fix frontend for main parts of website and for the ucp login. Fix UCP login screen. Fix ACP and add initial ACP components. 2020-09-19 15:15:03
45 website King_Bert Add race records to player stats page as well as adding them to individual mission info pages if they are a race. Fix issue so that we now correctly show when an admin is online in game. 2020-09-14 00:23:43
44 website King_Bert Add all player stats pages for races, blackjack, top money, xp, mission results, bets, kills, deaths, headshots and bets. 2020-09-13 17:18:57
43 website King_Bert Update Server Information page reflecting new owners with help from <@251354688249659392> 2020-09-13 16:03:31
42 website King_Bert Fix styling issues, page layout and small bugs with API. Introduce ability to go to mission info page by clicking on the currently active misison. 2020-09-13 15:19:02
41 discord-bot King_Bert Add admin related commands for use in admin echo channel. Also add playerinfo command for use in echo channels. 2020-09-12 17:47:29
40 discord-bot King_Bert Restrict commands to be used only in echo channels. PM user when they join the server instead of messaging in general-mm-chat 2020-09-12 17:47:07
39 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Fix Flip LCP and Nos has been added. 2020-09-11 21:54:35
38 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Toys, Achs and Titles are done now, A lot of those can't be unlocked yet. Good luck finding those You can check other players achs using /achs name. 2020-09-11 21:53:56
37 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Levels system updated. A lot of levels will unlock toys as well, and some achievements too. Good luck figuring it out. Some toys would be placed all over San Andreas so good luck finding those. Titles can be unlocked by a lot of things even with some text messages. 2020-09-10 07:20:52
36 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha achievements system has been added achievements can unlock toy or title or nothing. Some achievements and toys would be claimable by UCP only (when that is done), not some a lot I dont wanna stress samp seever as samp is not threaded. 2020-09-10 07:18:34
35 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha titles have been added in server eh I forgot how much maybe 49 2020-09-10 07:16:12
34 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Toys system has been added. 163 Toys have been added but its not possible to unlock all for now as I need to add that i.e. shop etc 2020-09-10 07:15:28
33 website Queen_Kriskoo Add AJAX request based player stats page for getting stats by all, or by date/time, or by mission (or a combination of the two) 2020-09-09 21:49:41
32 website Queen_Kriskoo Begin generic ACP page with session cookies and prevent access based on rank on UCP sections 2020-09-09 21:48:57
31 website Queen_Kriskoo Add UCP login and authentication page as well as logging out 2020-09-09 21:48:37
30 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Stealing Type added -> Progress bar for distance left from delivery. Mission used to test this mode was Grand Theft Shamal by @JimmySpaceTravel1337 2020-09-08 04:47:47
29 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Fixed all the problems with already added mission types, bombing flashing zone would show red when it is about to explode get out of area to be safe. Fixed a problem of spam due to offline radio. 2020-09-07 19:56:18
28 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added bombing type, this mission has same progress bar as old version. Gang zones will be displayed for missions which are inside San Andreas Map. Unity Station by <@!345977899951849483> was used for testing this. 2020-09-07 06:27:02
27 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added Special LMS type -> Used farmers dream as testing mission, removed end zone, x no of players get to drive the vehicle. First to die in order to drive vehicle. Plus fixed 2 bugs from each mission type. 2020-09-04 05:36:13
26 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added LMS -> The Solarin is the mission mapped by <@!284045894003851264> which was used for testing. The text draws are made by <@!345977899951849483> and <@!302584576193331200> 2020-09-04 03:56:54
25 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added spin system, remember there is a number which has 13% rate of success while all other numbers have 7% success rate. This number changes with each bot change. 2020-09-02 19:13:18
24 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Deathmatch type has been added, mission to test this type was zig zag. Textdraw used are made by @Swift and @TheChaoz (The starting timer). Player winning the mission will be the victor. Top player would be having winner color so everyone could kill him/her. 2020-09-02 11:54:35
23 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added /crackthecode or /ctc thanks to @FuTuRe#7696 . Updated my blackjack script, made that all mini games (crack the code, blackjack) store data in another table as we don't need per mission stats for these. And more can be added in future. 2020-09-02 11:50:10
22 samp-server King_Bert Disable Grand Theft Heli 2 due to bug 2020-09-01 23:38:26
21 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added chat commands /a (@) -> Admin chat,ask question | /m -> Manager chat | -> /t ; ! -> team chat | Swift gave the colors for admin and manager chats along with emoji's so blame him. Updated /cmds and /acmds too. 2020-08-30 21:32:12
20 samp-server Sasuke_Uchiha Added VIP System, /vskin, /vweather, /vtime. System to keep track of each memberships start and end date along with track of removals. Admin is also noted. VIP Skin shop to be added in future updates. 2020-08-30 19:24:53
19 discord-bot King_Bert Make restart cmd restart using the auto-restart script 2020-08-30 15:26:02
18 website Queen_Kriskoo Add API for sending AJAX requests currently only used for determining whether a nick is banned or not. Will be later used for stats. 2020-08-30 15:25:36
17 website Queen_Kriskoo Add ban/unban list, admin team, missions and mission info tools to website. 2020-08-30 15:25:09
16 samp-server King_Bert Add temporary fix to auto-restart server everytime it crashes without intervention. THIS SHOULD BE REMOVED either once we find a more permanent fix or when V14 is released as it makes the !restart cmd invalid. 2020-08-27 02:39:52
15 website King_Bert/iVenom Fix frontend where a right hand margin was appearing on smaller screens. Thanks to iVenom for helping in finding the offending element. You will need to clear cache to see changes immediately or you will naturally see changes in a few days. 2020-08-25 21:26:33
14 website King_Bert/Queen_Kriskoo Upload website so it will now appear on mm-ftw.net - however, there is a slight front end issue which means there is padding on the right hand side which was not debugged during testing which will be removed later. Website is currently only index page to show server information and links to forums. 2020-08-25 17:35:38
13 discord-bot King_Bert Add ability to restart server from discord. This is a manger only feature. 2020-08-23 18:59:45
12 discord-bot King_Bert Add channel and role based restrictions for certain commands. Add commands listing ability. Add welcome message for new users to our discord server. Extract functions for easier maintenance and better more optimised functions to use less memory. 2020-08-23 17:48:27
11 discord-bot King_Bert Fix database connection errors which occur due to persistent connections. Hopefully should prevent discord bot from crashing from now on. 2020-08-23 15:36:09
10 website King_Bert Update content of index page, add server link to SAMP application, extract header and footer to seperate files. Homepage ready for deployment soon. 2020-08-23 00:26:53
9 website Queen_Kriskoo Create index page, the style, layout and connection with the SAMP Query API. Awaiting content modification from King_Bert 2020-08-21 18:58:41
8 discord-bot Sasuke_Uchiha Fix !stats cmd to use the correct sql query and avoid negation errors (added to log by Bert) 2020-08-21 17:35:15
7 discord-bot King_Bert Add !server command to discord bot which gives Server Name, IP and online players with ID. Also add escaped character for underscored nicks. 2020-08-19 20:25:23
6 samp-server King_Bert Change timezone of server and MySQL Database to GMT +0 so that update log shows GMT not PST. 2020-08-19 00:26:12
5 website Queen_Kriskoo Setup initial bootstrap and layout of website in PHP. Add database connection and install Bootstrap Modules required. 2020-08-18 23:51:45
4 discord-bot Swift king nerd sux 2020-08-16 17:00:10
3 discord-bot King_Bert Add update command for managers for adding items to update-log 2020-08-16 16:37:14
2 discord-bot King_Bert test 2020-08-16 16:09:48
1 discord-bot King_Bert Setup initial configuration of MM discord bot and MM discord test bot. 2020-08-16 15:35:00