Mission List:

ID Name Type Mapper Scripter More
1 De Dust 2 Team Deathmatch JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
2 Fat N Furious 2012 Race JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
3 Grand Theft Shamal Stealing FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
4 Fun Time Parkour Alby_JJ Sasuke_Uchiha Click
5 James Blond: Ocean Docks Bombing Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
6 Rooftop Jumpers LV Gravity Jumping FuTuRe (Bullet) Sasuke_Uchiha Click
7 Zig Zag Deathmatch Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
8 King of the Forest Last man standing JimmySpaceTravel1337 Tokkor Click
9 Brutality Last team standing JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
10 San Fierro Drift Race FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
11 Territory Wars 2 Team deatmatch FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
12 Farmers Dream Last man standing FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
13 Closed In Team collecting FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
14 Hexathlon 1 Multi-Race JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
15 Little Italy 2 Deathmatch JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
16 Neon Derby Last vehicle standing JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
17 Sea Derby Last vehicle standing Armen Sasuke_Uchiha Click
18 Baldman: Rocky Mountain Bombing MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
19 Devil Island Capture the Flag JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
20 San Fierro Cops And Crook JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
21 End of the line Last Team Standing FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
22 Grove Street Business Stealing MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
23 Stunt Zone Escape Deathrun JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
24 The Dropdown Survive on luck FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
25 The Maze Last man standing FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
26 Abandoned Construction 2 Team Deathmatch Ryses Sasuke_Uchiha Click
27 Hotring Racer Race Tinus_nl Sasuke_Uchiha Click
28 Pipes & Stairs Parkour FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
29 Parking Rumble Team deathmatch Ninja Sasuke_Uchiha Click
30 War of Comedians Team vehicle collecting FaToN&YellowStar Sasuke_Uchiha Click
31 James Blond Oil Rig Bombing JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
32 The Panopticon Manhunt JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
33 Casino Wars Last team standing KyleSmith Sasuke_Uchiha Click
34 Grand Theft Bike Stealing BuIlet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
35 Burning Sand Race MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
36 Fail of a Plan Team-deathmatch MM (Bullet) Sasuke_Uchiha Click
37 Until Dawn Survive on luck Equinox Sasuke_Uchiha Click
38 James Blond: Saint Cliffs Bombing MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
39 Kargo Last team standing Mr.Pink Sasuke_Uchiha Click
40 Midnight Club Race Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
41 Nuisance Team-deathmatch FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
42 Weed Business stealing Ryses Sasuke_Uchiha Click
43 Let It Jizz Last team standing JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
44 Village Festival Vehicle Stealing [MM]Koploper Sasuke_Uchiha Click
45 Stunt Zone Escape Deathrun JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
46 Through The Desert Race Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
47 Mine Wars Capture The Flag Bullet Tokkor Click
48 Pyramid Parkour Ryses Sasuke_Uchiha Click
49 City Tour Triathlon FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
50 King of The Tower Last man standing Ryses Sasuke_Uchiha Click
51 Hell of the Companies Team Deathmatch Ryses Sasuke_Uchiha Click
52 Under The Shade Bombing MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
53 Through The City Race toontje013 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
54 Grand Theft Heli Stealing BuIlet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
55 Botanical World Parkour [MM]Bloody_Water Sasuke_Uchiha Click
56 The Docks Last Man Standing JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
57 Fire Business Stealing Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
58 Great Train Robbery Last team standing MM Sasuke_Uchiha Click
59 Girls Ride Race MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
60 James Blond: Through the Ruins Bombing JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
61 Narrow Track Parkour Erza Sasuke_Uchiha Click
62 El Quebrados Team-deathmatch JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
63 NFS: Twists And Turns Race FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
64 Wild Death Survive On Luck LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
65 Entaglement Last man standing Louay Sasuke_Uchiha Click
66 Odd Little Town Team-deathmatch FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
67 Gone In Seconds Stealing MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
68 Baseball 2 Last team standing MiD Sasuke_Uchiha Click
69 Drugs On Fire Bombing MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
70 Jump Mania Base Jumping Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
71 Welcome To Grove Street Race Grandtheftgamer Sasuke_Uchiha Click
72 King Of The Bunker Last man standing JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
73 Let It Snow Last team standing MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
74 Nice Shot Team DeathMatch Commander_Steel (Bullet) Sasuke_Uchiha Click
75 Fray in the Hood Last team standing MM Sasuke_Uchiha Click
76 Los Santos Bash Team deathmatch FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
77 Love for the Hood Race MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
78 Tuscan Rank up JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
79 Factory Wars Team deathmatch BuIlet Tokkor Click
80 The Solarin Last man standing Ryses Sasuke_Uchiha Click
81 Roof to Roof Parkour [MM]Eminem Sasuke_Uchiha Click
82 Drainage Team deathmatch Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
83 Gravity Hexathlon MM (Bullet) Sasuke_Uchiha Click
84 Sky Town Team Deathmatch Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
85 Katanah Last team standing FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
86 Morning Moon Bombing Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
87 Los Sepulcros Last man standing FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
88 Sahara Challenge Race MM (Bullet) Sasuke_Uchiha Click
89 Battle of Marksman Team deathmatch BuIlet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
90 Back Alleys Team deathmatch Ryses Sasuke_Uchiha Click
91 El Clasico Football Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
92 In To The Island Stealing Ryses Sasuke_Uchiha Click
93 Abandoned Construction Deathmatch Ryses Sasuke_Uchiha Click
94 Cross The Docks Parkour BuIlet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
95 Rooftop Jumpers LS Gravity Jumping FuTuRe (Bullet) Sasuke_Uchiha Click
96 Karting Race Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
97 Morning Sun Bombing MID toontje013 Click
98 Chinatown Last team standing MID toontje013 Click
99 Grand Theft SWAT Stealing MID toontje013 Click
100 Oil Wars Stealing MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
101 Castle Riot Last team standing Ryses toontje013 Click
102 King of the Hill Last man standing MID toontje013 Click
103 Motel Room Service Last Team standing FuTuRe toontje013 Click
104 Scrapyard Last Man Standing Koziac LuciferGRE Click
105 The Market Last team standing Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
106 Bombing Factory Bombing Ryses Sasuke_Uchiha Click
107 The Waterfall Last man standing Koziac Sasuke_Uchiha Click
108 Brawl of Forefathers Team Deathmatch Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
109 James Blond LightHouse Bombing Ninja Sasuke_Uchiha Click
110 Oil Factory Bombing LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
111 Military Wars One time respawn LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
112 Cash Bridges Bombing MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
113 The Angry Cock Stealing MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
114 Munition Factory Stealing MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
115 H2O Last man standing [MM]Eminem Sasuke_Uchiha Click
116 Evening Sun Bombing JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
117 Baseball 1 Last team standing MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
118 The Explodedown Last man standing Bullet (Ryses) Sasuke_Uchiha Click
119 9000ft. Underwater Last man standing Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
120 Pirates Last team standing MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
121 Grand Theft Hunter Stealing FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
122 College Madness Derby LuciferGRE LuciferGRE Click
123 Roof Bikers LS Race LuciferGRE Tokkor Click
124 Ride to Easter 17/18 Triathlon LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
125 Sewage Madness Opening Gate Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
126 James Blond: From Area With Love Bombing MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
127 Grand Theft Maverick Stealing LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
128 James Blond: Arabian Nights Bombing Ninja Sasuke_Uchiha Click
129 Battle of Marksmen Team deathmatch JimmySpaceTravel1337 Tokkor Click
130 Grand Theft Taxi Stealing Ninja Tokkor Click
131 Tennis No respawn TDM LuciferGRE Tokkor Click
132 The Secret City Deathmatch LuciferGRE Tokkor Click
133 In The Desert Parkour LuciferGRE Tokkor Click
134 Grand Theft BMX Stealing LuciferGRE Tokkor Click
135 The Rail Driver Derby LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
136 Sand Skippers Gravity Jumping LuciferGRE Tokkor Click
137 Trevortex Race Erza. Sasuke_Uchiha Click
138 Quarantine Last man standing Troublemaker Sasuke_Uchiha Click
139 Sunset Swiftness Race Tinus_nl Sasuke_Uchiha Click
140 Roof Bikers SF Race LuciferGRE toontje013 Click
141 The Town Rank Down LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
142 Let It Snow 2 Team-deathmatch LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
143 The Building Last Man Standing LuciferGRE Tokkor Click
144 Toy Madness Triathlon LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
145 Limbo Last team standing Hawks Sasuke_Uchiha Click
146 Grand Theft Shamal 2 stealing FreAkeD Sasuke_Uchiha Click
147 From Grove To Grove Protect and Steal LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
148 The Escape of Burmuda Triangle Survival Race LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
149 Missile of Glendale Missile Derby Cristab Sasuke_Uchiha Click
150 Summer Island 2017 Deathmatch LuciferGRE/FreAkeD/Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
151 Steal The Hydra Stealing Cristab Sasuke_Uchiha Click
152 Mansion Tour Race FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
153 Farmers Nightmare Last man standing JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
154 Hexathlon LS Multi Race FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
155 Farmers War Last team standing FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
156 Everybody Comes To Vinewood Race MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
157 2 Levels Last man standing JimmySpaceTravel1337 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
158 2060 Race MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
159 Stadium Top Last man standing FuTuRe (LuciferGRE) Sasuke_Uchiha Click
160 Need For Skills: On The Ground Race MID Sasuke_Uchiha Click
161 Derby Skills Last vehicle standing Equinox Tokkor Click
162 The Cave Team collecting Ryses Ryses Click
163 Lost End Parkour Ryses Ryses Click
164 Dirty Smell Last Team Standing Bullet Tokkor Click
165 Grand Theft Hotring Stealing LuciferGRE Ryses Click
166 Wild Stealing Capture the flag LuciferGRE Tokkor Click
167 Crows Nest Team collecting Koziac Tokkor Click
168 Pool Day Team deathmatch Bullet Tokkor Click
169 Finalbuild Construction Team DeathMatch Bullet ThecnoPrisoner Click
170 Run to the Light Race Equinox ThecnoPrisoner Click
171 Airforce Attack Bombing Ryses Ryses Click
172 Snipe Them Deathrun LuciferGRE Ryses Click
173 Increase or Decrease Stealing Equinox ThecnoPrisoner Click
174 Lab Conflict Bombing Bullet ThecnoPrisoner Click
175 Hunter's Pass Team DeathMatch LuciferGRE (Ninja) ThecnoPrisoner Click
176 Roar TDM - Levels Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
177 Unscheduled Supply Collecting Capo_Ziyad ThecnoPrisoner Click
178 Fallen Maze Escape Jump LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
179 Roof Bikers LV Race LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
180 Color Derby Collecting Derby Future(LuciferGRE) Sasuke_Uchiha Click
181 Auto Parts Team Delivering Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
182 Sindacos Escape One vs All Capo_Ziyad Sasuke_Uchiha Click
183 Lego War Team deathmatch Bullet Tokkor Click
184 Las Vegas Last Team Standing Equinox ThecnoPrisoner Click
185 Rescue of a Friend Vehicle Stealing Kot ThecnoPrisoner Click
186 Unity Station Bombing SaiTaMa ThecnoPrisoner Click
187 Pool Wars Rank Down LuciferGRE ThecnoPrisoner Click
188 Running Down a Dream Parkour Kot ThecnoPrisoner Click
189 JumpMan Race Equinox ThecnoPrisoner Click
190 Palm Fight Team Rank UP LuciferGRE ThecnoPrisoner Click
191 Killing in the Name Bombing Kot ThecnoPrisoner Click
192 Airport King Collecting Derby Equinox ThecnoPrisoner Click
193 Road to Hell Race LuciferGRE ThecnoPrisoner Click
194 Venezia Stealing Bullet ThecnoPrisoner Click
195 The Hedge Maze Maze Kot Sasuke_Uchiha Click
196 Countryside Consulation Team Vehicle Collecting toontje013 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
197 Desert Bikers Race LuciferGRE ThecnoPrisoner Click
198 Infected Chinatown Zombie LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
199 Deconstruction Last Team Standing JimmySpaceTravel1337 LuciferGRE Click
200 Torenos Project Bombing LuciferGRE LuciferGRE Click
201 Big Prize Steal and Defend Ryses LuciferGRE Click
202 Rail Clash Team Deathmatch Koziac LuciferGRE Click
203 Tropicalis Parkour Kot LuciferGRE Click
204 Bayside Marina Dispute Bombing Souma Sasuke_Uchiha Click
205 The Fall of Black Falcon Capture and Deliver Nightmare007 Sasuke_Uchiha Click
206 Mansion Party Raid Last Team Standing LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
207 Burning Moon Race Bullet (Ryses) Sasuke_Uchiha Click
208 Haunted Station Zombie Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
209 Gangstas' Paradise Protect and Steal Equinox Tokkor Click
210 Night Raid Stealing SaiTaMa LuciferGRE Click
211 The House Of Wolves Last Man Standing iJack[] LuciferGRE Click
212 Cocaine Delivery Capture The Flag GrueroGRE LuciferGRE Click
213 Requiem For a Dream Deathrun Equinox Sasuke_Uchiha Click
214 Wheel Business Stealing FuTuRe LuciferGRE Click
215 The Temple Last Man Standing Ryses LuciferGRE Click
216 Sea Bikers Race LuciferGRE LuciferGRE Click
217 End of the Line 2 Protect The General Sasuke_Uchiha Sasuke_Uchiha Click
218 Cold Blood Protect The General 2 Sasuke_Uchiha & Bullet Sasuke_Uchiha Click
219 Overgrown Zombie Koziac LuciferGRE Click
220 Abandoned Service Protect And Steal SaiTaMa Sasuke_Uchiha Click
221 Vertigo Last Man Standing Equinox LuciferGRE Click
222 Desert Riders Race toontje013 toontje013 Click
223 Destroyed Company Solo Bombing LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
224 Cheetah Paradise Race F0rce LuciferGRE Click
225 Not Welcome Team Race LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
226 Through the Hood Race Koziac LuciferGRE Click
227 2 Ways 1 Chance Stealing Equinox Sasuke_Uchiha Click
228 Glass Death Last Man Standing LuciferGRE LuciferGRE Click
229 Hunter Fights Solo Stealing LuciferGRE LuciferGRE Click
230 Grand Theft Auto Protect And Steal 2 LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
231 Boulevard Duathlon MM (Bullet) ThecnoPrisoner Click
232 Mini-Missions Grand Prix Race Kot & Thecno ThecnoPrisoner Click
233 Favela Team Deathmatch GrueroGRE SaK Click
234 Palomino Santos Race aQuaNight LuciferGRE Click
235 El Castilo Zombie LuciferGRE LuciferGRE Click
236 Grand Theft Firetruck 1 Stealing FuTuRe LuciferGRE Click
237 Last Groceries Stealing FuTuRe (Kot) LuciferGRE Click
238 The EZ Last Team Standing GrandTheftGamer LuciferGRE Click
239 Body Race Race Mid (toon,LuciferGRE) LuciferGRE Click
240 Transport Interception Stealing MID ThecnoPrisoner Click
241 Step By Step Parkour MM LuciferGRE Click
242 Olden Warfare Team Deathmatch FuTuRe LuciferGRE Click
243 King Of The Hill 2 Last Man Standing toontje013 LuciferGRE Click
244 Gambinos Hideout Team Deathmatch Ryses LuciferGRE Click
245 Grand Theft Sparrow Stealing MM LuciferGRE Click
246 The Pirate Bay Team Collecting Kot ThecnoPrisoner Click
247 Springfield Under Attack Zombie Kot LuciferGRE Click
248 No Way Out Last man standing Equinox Sasuke_Uchiha Click
249 Oriental Business Delivering Kot Sasuke_Uchiha Click
250 The Swamp Zombie Kot Sasuke_Uchiha Click
251 The Escape Deathrun Ryses Sasuke_Uchiha Click
252 Underground Battles Deathmatch LuciferGRE LuciferGRE Click
253 Night Life 2 Capture and Deliver Sasuke_Uchiha Sasuke_Uchiha Click
254 Rogueville Last Team Standing Ryses LuciferGRE Click
255 Night Life Capture and Deliver MID (LuciferGRE) Sasuke_Uchiha Click
256 Arch Clash Team Deathmatch Sasuke_Uchiha Sasuke_Uchiha Click
257 Heart Attack Base Jumping LuciferGRE LuciferGRE Click
258 Para Parachute Base Jumping [MM]Koploper ThecnoPrisoner Click
259 Royal Rumble Last man standing Sasuke_Uchiha Sasuke_Uchiha Click
260 Cloned Area Planet War LuciferGRE LuciferGRE Click
261 A Scary Night Halloween Special Kot Sasuke_Uchiha Click
262 Sandstorm Hide and Seek Erza Sasuke_Uchiha Click
263 I can make you dance Delivering Kot LuciferGRE Click
264 Cave Zombie 2 FuTuRe Sasuke_Uchiha Click
265 Colour Battles Last Team Standing Dav LuciferGRE Click
266 Hawaii Vacation Deathmatch Kot Sasuke_Uchiha Click
267 Run 'N' Crash Deathrun Equinox Sasuke_Uchiha Click
268 Birds Fly Parkour LuciferGRE Sasuke_Uchiha Click
269 Poor Country Bombing Vin_DieSel LuciferGRE Click
270 Deserted Mall Zombie Sasuke_Uchiha Sasuke_Uchiha Click
271 Home of the Rednecks Team Deathmatch Tinus_nl ThecnoPrisoner Click
272 Mighty Los Santos Race Eugine LuciferGRE Click
273 Need For Skills: Dark Age Race JimmySpaceTravel1337 LuciferGRE Click
274 Need For Skills: In The Forest Race Bullet LuciferGRE Click
275 Pentathlon: Up And Down Multi-Race MM (Bullet) LuciferGRE Click
276 Desert Wars Stealing Vin_DieSel LuciferGRE Click
277 LS Ghetto Team Deathmatch Tinus_nl ThecnoPrisoner Click
278 Mountain Bombing Bombing Tinus_nl ThecnoPrisoner Click
279 Roflcopter Race Tinus_nl Sasuke_Uchiha Click
280 Cave Wars One Time Respawn LuciferGRE LuciferGRE Click
281 Silent Rock Last Man Standing Ryses LuciferGRE Click
282 December Capture The Flag Ryses LuciferGRE Click
283 Tetrathlon: Underwater Multi-Race LuciferGRE LuciferGRE Click
284 Reckless Bikers Race Louay. ThecnoPrisoner Click
285 Cartoon Town Deathmatch dav ThecnoPrisoner Click
286 Band Conflict Team Deathmatch Kot LuciferGRE Click
287 Rockets Vs Drivers Last team standing IRex & Freaked Sasuke_Uchiha Click
288 Little Egypt Last Team Standing Kot ThecnoPrisoner Click
289 Himalaya Peaks Team Deathmatch Kot ThecnoPrisoner Click
290 Wild West Team Deathmatch GrueroGRE ThecnoPrisoner Click
291 We Are The Bosses Bombing GrueroGRE LuciferGRE Click
292 Pursuit Race F0rce LuciferGRE Click
293 Christmas Town Capture the Gift dav ThecnoPrisoner Click
294 Santa s Hill Christmas Special Kot Sasuke_Uchiha Click
295 Stadium Madness Race LuciferGRE LuciferGRE Click
296 Ocean Docks: Takeover Protect and Steal 2 LuciferGRE LuciferGRE Click
297 Color Boxes Last Man Standing Dav LuciferGRE Click
298 Mafia s Mansion Deathmatch Kot ThecnoPrisoner Click
299 Otto's Autos Protect And Steal 2 GrueroGRE LuciferGRE Click
300 Back O Beyond Protect And Steal Vin_DieSel LuciferGRE Click
301 Easter Basin Grand Prix Race Tinus_NL toontje013 Click
302 Army Conflict Last Team Standing Kot Kot Click
303 Expensive Load 1 Bombing MID (toontje013) toontje013 Click
304 Expensive Load 2 Bombing MID (toontje013) toontje013 Click
305 Grand Theft Heli 2 Stealing MID (toontje013) toontje013 Click
306 Dirty Town Collecting Zodiac_Knight Kot Click
307 Bayside Showdown Team Race Ryses LuciferGRE Click
308 Find Your Own Way Multi-Race Ryses toontje013 Click
309 The Lost Village Capture The Flag Nightmare007 LuciferGRE Click
310 Moto GP Race Sonic_Mario LuciferGRE Click
311 Chinese Temple Deathmatch Kot Kot Click
312 East Ghetto team deathmatch Kot Kot Click
313 World Trade Center Team Deathmatch Nightmare007 LuciferGRE Click
314 Dumped Load Stealing Ryses toontje013 Click
315 Fast and Furious Race Captain Tokkor Click
316 Night Race 4 Race Zezima Tokkor Click
317 Through San Fierro Race Stunner Tokkor Click
318 First Race Ever Race Desert_Eagle Tokkor Click
319 Sandkings Race JFKGamer Tokkor Click
330 Downhill Race Vandoorne LuciferGRE Click
331 Prison Life Last Team Standing Nightmare007 LuciferGRE Click
332 Checkmate Last Team Standing Nightmare007 LuciferGRE Click
333 If the price is right Stealing Nightmare007 Kot Click
334 In The Midnight Hour Last Team Standing Kranger LuciferGRE Click
335 Home Invasion Protect the President Abood Kot Click
336 Catch the Whoopee Stealing That_Skywalker_Abood Kot Click
337 Grand Theft Maverick 2 Stealing Ryses Kot Click
338 El Corona Riots Team Deathmatch Ryses Kot Click
339 Welcome Home Team deathmatch Ryses Kot Click
340 The Cursed Farm Last Team Standing Abood LuciferGRE Click
341 Mayday Last Man Standing Kranger LuciferGRE Click
342 Shawshank Last Team Standing Kranger LuciferGRE Click
343 Container Wars Deathmatch Kranger LuciferGRE Click
344 Christmas Village Deathmatch Kot Kot Click
345 Secret submarine Bombing Ryses Kot Click