Achievements Available:

Name Info Title Received Toy Received
Adolf K. WEISMANN Die 5000 times - -
All together Win 400 Team Deathmatches - -
And it's John Cena! You can't see me! - -
Angle of Death! Be Scared! Register a total of 5,000 Kills - Angle Hair
Arya Stark! Purchase all skins - -
Baked lot..! Earn 1,000 cookies - Police Hat 2
Ban me Get killing spree of 30 - -
BET ME! Win 200 bets for others - -
Better off alone Win a total of 10 one vs all - Silly Helmet
Bidding Boss Win bid - Top Hat
Billionaire Have $500,000 Billionaire Gimp Mask
Birthday Boy Have a Birthday - Birthday Cake
Butcher? Yea that's me Register a total of 2,500 Kills The Butcher Meat
Can I steal? Steal/Defend a total of 100 mission objectives Sneaky Bastard Crowbar
Connect to my members Win a total of 500 missions - -
Cookie Master Earn 10,000 cookies Cookie Master -
Cookies? I bake em! Earn 2,500 cookies Chef -
Crazy Assassin Win a total of 50 deathmatches Anarchist Devil's Mask
Custom Title! Yeah! Purchase a custom title - -
Don't Drop The Soap Get jailed 5 times - -
Everyone else sucks Win a total of 100 one vs all - -
Fatass! Eat 500 cookies - -
Feeding the poor Give a total of 100 cookies - -
Feeling the fat! Eat 100 cookies Fat Man Cookie
FLASH! Be first 100 times The Fastest Driver Golden Helmet
Fortune Teller Spin succesfully a total of 300 times The Gypsy Spin Wheel
Gold Gift Collector 2020 Collect a golden gift Gold Gift Collector Gold Giftbox 2020
Halloween 2021 Find a pumpkin - -
Heil Hydra! Plant a total of 100 times Sneaky Bomb Remote
Helped The Server Become VIP player in server V.I.P Police Shield
High Pot Place a total of 100k in Pot Top Bidder -
I am DJ Get promoted to DJ DJ Rose Scarf
I am not hacker Get killing spree of 20 - -
I am now a Fat Cat Have $200,000 - -
I don't hate Rich Fags! Have $50,000 - -
I know who to trust Win a total of 300 bets - -
I love teaming Win 350 Team Deathmatches - -
I never blow up fix your car 1000 times The Engineer Screw driver
I'll be stronger Register a total of 250 Kills - Hammer
I'm a slave :( The owner gives you - -
I'm Deadpool! Pool Dead? Die 500 times Noob Black Skull Cap
I'm In Staff! Become staff member once - -
Independence day Login on 10th or 11th July. Win 1 month VIP. - -
It's a bloodbath Be champion in mission End of the Line The Bloody -
It's Just the start Register a total of 100 Kills - Serial Killer Hat
Life's Hard! :( Die 100 times - Red Clown Wig
Luck is real Win a total of 10 survive on luck - Lucky Red Goggles
Luck? That's me Win a total of 20 survive on luck - -
Millionaire Have $250,000 Millionaire Leopard Hat
MM is my LIFE! Reach level 50 Cookie Master Red Heart
Money Bagger Win 20 moneybags mission - Money Bag
Much assistance hurts Register a total of 20,000 assists - Wig Hat
My Ass hurts Get kicked from server 5 times Steel Assed -
My weaponry is full Purchase a total of 250 weapons The Arms Dealer -
Nature is beautiful Find it The Dreamer Dreamers Hat
NOS IT UP! Purchase 25 Nitro from shop - 10x Nos Kit
Now you can trust me Win 300 bets for others - Blue Goggles
Okay I am noob..!! Die 1000 times The Idiot Gray Panama
One for all and all for one Win 500 Team Deathmatches - -
Paul Walker Here..!! Win a total of 100 races Speedy Dark Helmet
Professional Register a total of 1,000 Kills Blood Sucker The Red Lamp
Pros everywhere Win a total of 200 bets - -
Pumpkin Hunter Find 30 pumpkins Pumpkin Hunter Pumpkin
Pumpking Find all pumpkins Pumpking Golden Pumpkin
Race's ruiner Drop 400 obstacles - -
Reach me if you can Reach level 35 - Beserk Sword
Rookie Register a total of 500 Kills - Worker Jacket
Ruined..! Die 2500 times Horrible -
Scout is here Pass 1,000 moneybags missions The Scout Gold Watch
Sharing is caring Give a total of $50,000 - -
Skull Crusher Get 500 Headshot Kills Skull Crusher Golden Sniper
Sorry Admin..!! Get warned - -
Spectrum? Eh colors. Win mission dance party The Spectrum Flashlight
Still Slim and Smart Eat 10 cookies - -
Stop it! It's dead already Die 250 times - Toilet Paper
Taliban Get killing spree of 10 - Rocket Launcher
Teaming is cool! Win a total of 100 missions - -
TERROR!!! Win 100 Last Man Standing The Terror Maker Desert Eagle
Thank you! Get retired from staff. - -
The Angry Santa 2020 Get STDs from santa - Santa Hat Green 2020
The Calm Santa 2020 Earn the gift from the santa - Santa Hat Red 2020
The Dark Horse Win a total of 1000 missions - -
The Free-runner Win a total of 100 parkours The freestyler Black Hat
The Mapper Your first map got added ingame - Police Hat
The Perfect Killer Register a total of 20,000 Kills - Chainsaw Dildo
The Risk Taker Win a total of 10 derbies - Purple Helmet
The Street Jumper Win a rooftop jumper The Kangaroo Shining Star
The Vehicle Lover Purchase a total of 250 vehicles The Exporter -
The Wise Win $10,000 in blackjack The Wise Wise Hat
The wise betting Win a total of 100 bets The Sage -
TOYS! TOYS!! TOYS!!! Get to level 30 - -
Trick or Treat? Treat! Great treat from the witch - Witch Hat
Trick or Treat? Trick! Great tricked by the witch Tricked Knife
Wanna win? /Bet me Win a total of 100 bets on yourself. - -
Welcome To The Premium Club Have $100,000 - -
Winner..!! Win a total of 50 missions - -
XMAS Gift Collector 2020 Collect 200 Gifts Gift Collector Giftbox XMAS 2020
XMAS Gift Collector 2020 Collect 150 Gifts - Giftbox XMAS 2020
XMAS Gift Collector 2020 Collect 50 Gifts - Giftbox XMAS 2020
XMAS Gift Collector 2020 Collect 100 Gifts - Giftbox XMAS 2020
Yes! I am getting rich Have $10,000 - -