Mini Missions v14

This info is incomplete, I was sick. I will complete it soon.


  • Spawns in lobby normally
  • Location: LS Atrium
  • You can exit lobby to the world of free-roam.
  • You can spawn one vehicle.
  • You can remove the vehicle.
  • VIPs can skip missions to be in lobby.
  • You can gamble in lobby/free world.


  • Auto-Login.
  • Login dialog shows the VIP status, join date and registry country as well.
  • 5 Attempts before you are kicked.
  • Before registering you have to read and accept the server rules.
  • Top 54 passwords from the last 4 years are disabled.
  • Passwords such as, aaaaaa, bbbbbb, 111111, etc are disabled.

Stats/Account Info

  • Stats are divided into 4 categories.
    1. Account Info
    2. Recorded Info
      1. User ID
      2. User Name
      3. Rank
      4. Password HASHED
      5. Register Date
      6. Register Country
      7. Current Country
      8. GMT Hour/Min
      9. Auto Login
      10. Current Title
      11. Discord ID
      12. Connect Messages
      13. Jailed?
      14. Muted?
      15. Records/Top Textdraws
      16. Level
      17. Menu Position
      18. Tab Score Lists (When you press TAB key in-game)
      19. Hit Indicator
      20. Head Shots
      21. VIP Skin
      22. Last Online
      23. Serial and IP
      24. Action Logs
      25. Custom Titles
      26. Bans
      27. Current wearing toys
      28. Warnings
      29. Radio Requests
      30. VIP eh?
      31. Mini Games
        • Blackjack
        • Crack The Code
        • Spin
    3. User Stats
    4. These are divided into
      • Mission
      • Month
      • Year
      Recorded Info
      • Total XP
      • Money
      • Cookies/Consumed
      • Bets Won/Lost/Won on/Own Bets
      • Personal Best
      • Missions Won/Lost/Draws/Passed
      • Obstacles Thrown/Spent on it
      • Kills / Deaths / Head Shots
      • Fixes / Flips / LCPs
      • Time Played
      • Weapons / Spent on weapons
      • Vehicles / Spent on vehicles
    5. Unlocks
    6. Recorded Info
      • Titles
      • Toys
      • Achievements
    7. Achieves
    8. Recorded Info
      • User Names
      • IP Addresses
      • VIP Removals
  • Stats are saved before a mission starts, and after you pass your mission.
  • On server being closed manually, your data will also get saved.
  • Server crash might cause you to loose stats, I made sure it's minimal damage.

Chat Box

  • Server message sync to Discord.
  • Anti-spam.


  • Connected discord to server.
  • Discord echo channels
    • #echo -> A channel for Everyone.
    • #echo-admins -> A channel for admins.
    • #echo-managers -> A channel for managers.
    • #cho-reports-and-bans -> A channel for ban/report messages.
    • #echo-radio -> A channel for radio Dj'S.
    • #radio-admin -> A channel for radio admins.
  • To connect your in-game account with discord, use UCP or /discord and enter your DISCORD account ID.
  • A lot of commands.

Mute / Jail

  • You need to complete your punishment, this means if you leave the server your punishment will be saved and then resumed later on.
  • Action Recorded.


  • You can ignore anyone except head admins or higher.
  • Players you ignore, won't be shown in your chatbox.
  • You can check your ignore list.
  • Moderators can check anyone's ignore list.
  • Admins can remove anyone from your ignore list.
  • Action Recorded.

Text Draws

  • Connect.
  • Missions Info by Swift
  • New clock by Swift
  • Countdown by TheChaoz
  • Pos o Meter, checkpoints by Swift
  • Ghost Mode by Swift
  • Infobox by Swift
  • Total XP, Current XP, and Current Level.
  • Current XP/Level by Swift
  • Total XP by TheChaoz
  • XP Gained.
  • Cool menu by Ziggi [SA-MP Forums]
  • Objective by Swift
  • Warnings.
  • Spectate by Swift
  • Logo by Swift
  • Teams by Swift
  • Progress bar and it's header

Cycle Handler

  • Vote Cycle / Open Vote / Vote Cycle 2.
  • Random Cycle / Random Cycle 2
  • Made sure the server doesn't get stuck even if there is one/no mission in the server.
  • mforce,m(next)mission is for must force, it will force the mission even if it's disabled. So this means event maps like duels can be added.
  • New missions added, or any change done to missions via UCP will take effect in a 5 mins timer that runs and checks all missions.
  • Setting world weather and world time as -1 to set random world weather and world time.

Mission Handler

  • Loading and unloading of missions./li>
  • Working timer for mission time.
  • Loading the next mission should take around 3 second at max.
  • Could have done faster than 3 seconds, but it made it unplayable so added delays manually.


  • Minimum $1 and Maximum $50.
  • Winning amount depends on your level and server bot.
  • You bet the player to be champion.
  • Once player disconnects, you loose your bet.

Mission Types and Champion

  • Race
    1. Race
    2. Multi Race
    3. Parkours
    1. Race: be first.
    2. Multi Race: be first.
    3. Parkours: be first.
  • Bombing
    1. Checkpoint Bombing
    1. Checkpoint Bombing:
      • Attacker: Place bomb.
      • Defender: Kill most players who are placing bomb.
  • Collecting
    1. Area Collecting
    1. Area Collecting: Collect points and kill players who are collecting points.
  • Avalanche
    1. Death Run One or more players get selected randomly to drive vehicles, other have low HP. You have to escape the cars. Only specific players will escape.
    1. Death Run: Collect points and kill players who are collecting points.
  • Derby
    1. Checkpoints Collect checkpoints to win, throw others off so they loose points. On death you loose two points.
    1. Checkpoints: most points.
  • Death Match
    1. Death Match You have to keep killing other players.
    1. Death Match Highest kills.
  • Last Man Standing
    1. Last Man Standing Kill Others and survive till end.
    2. Oxygen Tanks Kill Others and survive till end, while refilling your oxygen occasionally.
    3. Vehicles Spawn Kill Others and survive till end, while you can not leave your vehicles.
    4. Death Vehicles Kill Others and survive till end. Some people might be selected to drive the death vehicles avoid them.
    5. Escapees Escape the area asap, killers will try to kill you.
    6. Explosions Kill Others and survive till end, while running from explosions.
    7. Survive on luck Survive the platforms getting removed.
    8. Chasing objects with explosions Run, Run and just run to win.
    9. Drunk Drunk, with weapon skill low too.
    1. Last Man Standing / Oxygen Tanks / Vehicles Spawn / Death Vehicles / Explosions / Survive on luck / Chasing objects with explosions / Drunk Last player standing, if multiple players are alive, select the one with most kills. If kills are same then select with most health.
    2. Escapees First player to escape.
  • Last Team Standing
    1. Last Team Standing Kill all other team members.
    2. Protect the general Defenders have to protect the general from killers.
    1. Last Team Standing Most Kills from winning team.
    2. Death Match Attackers: The one who kills president
      Defenders: Most kills.
  • Stealing
    1. Vehicle Stealing
    1. Vehicle Stealing:
      • Attacker: The one who steals the vehicle.
      • Defender: Kill most players who are stealing vehicle.
  • Team Death Match
    1. Team Death Match Kill players of other teams.
    2. Gun Game Reach the maximum level.
    3. Protect the general Defenders have to protect the general from killers.
    1. Team Death Match Most (Kills - Deaths).
    2. Gun Game The one who reaches highest level.
    3. Death Match Attackers: The one who kills president
      Defenders: Most (Kills - Deaths).

Personal Best / Race Records / Top 5

  • Your personal best for each mission will be recorded, missions where you have to race with others. This will be used in race records.
  • Breaking and making a record has different rewards.
  • Breaking 5th record will be considered as making a reward, while any other will be breaking.
  • You get a reward for improving your record.


  • Player
  • Retired Staff
  • VIP
  • Moderator
  • Administrator
  • Head Administrator
  • Manager
  • Owner


  • Skip mission by pressing escape or skip on mission info dialog.
  • Cheaper shops
  • Can use toys at any level
  • Change weather and change time
  • Special VIP toys


  • Duty mode will hide you from non-moderator players.
  • Duty mode gives unlimited health.
  • Getting back from spec in no respawn missions, will spawn you if you are alive.


  • Enable/Disable Auto Login.
  • Change Username.
  • Change Password.
  • Show/Hide Connect Message
  • Change/Remove Title
  • Menu Position - Reset by /resetmenu
  • Tab List (Scores shown when we press TAB key)
    • Missions Data
    • Total XP
    • Current Level


  • To level up you need XP.
    • 2 - Drop Obstacles
    • 1 - Killing (Missions where kills are allowed)
    • 1 - Winning bet
    • 1 - Winning blackjack
    • 3 - Winning crack the code
    • 2 - Winning Spin
    • 1 - Mission Draw
    • 5 - Mission Won
    • 2 - Mission Passed
    • 2 - Record Improved
    • 3 - Top Record Improved
    • 5 - Break Record
    • 3 - Made Record
    • 1 - Getting ban on your reported player (random)
  • Each level has it's own XP level up, and every level can have different XP level up. Even some higher levels can have a very low XP level up.
  • Unlocks Achievements
  • Unlocks Toys

World Weather/Time

  • Random world weather when -1.
  • Random Mission weather when -1.
  • There are specific random weathers that will be selected.
  • Mission Info dialog would say weather name instead of weather id. Thanks to Ryses for weather names.


  • On completing/winning a race, parkour, etc You get $75/Your Position.
  • Winning team mission $25
  • Winning solo missions $75
  • Team champion $25
  • Objective complete $50
  • Avalanche Kill $5


  • Titles have their color.
  • All times in the server will be shown according to the player's GMT.
  • The player can change it anytime from /settings.
  • All times are saved according to the server's current host location when the player's GMT data won't be available the time will be displayed according to the server's location.


  • The Player's GMT will be zero by default. The player will be asked to set his GMT offset as soon as they register.
  • Titles have their position, suffix, or prefix.
  • You can remove/change your title from /settings.
  • Titles are saved in the database, so they can be added/changed/deleted without a restart.
  • Custom titles are saved in the database but have been limited to 1 per player which can easily be changed.
  • Custom titles need to purchased contact AquaNight for that.