Sucks to be banned, right?

You can appeal for an unban at our forum. But please don't hack :)

New Mission?

Goal: 300 missions

We have a goal to reach 300 missions in our server. Suggest new missions here.


We hate hackers..

If there are no administrators ingame then you can report hackers here.

Welcome to Mini Missions

Mini-Missions was founded in 2007. Since then, we're offering an incredible and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Mini-Missions first name was Mini-Missions founded by MID in 2007. The server had a wonderful success because of the awesome idea of creating a mission server. After some time, MID decided to close the server. FuTuRe and Alby, with MID's permission, recreated again the server. He made a new fresh system and created Mini-Missions version 1. There has been a new version each year. MM had more than 60 players online each day, day and night for over 6 years. FuTuRe carried on the server until v7's beginning then he decided to leave the server. To make sure that a successful and populated server like Mini-Missions could continue his story, FuTuRe gave ownership to Vince0789. Vince0789 owned the server for 1 year but didn't do a good job as owner, so FuTuRe decided to come back and created Mini-Missions v8. He lost interest in SA-MP 1 year later and left the server. He gave ownership to KyleSmith who started Mini-Missions v9 but just like Vince0789, he didn't do a good job as owner. Server was about to close forever but luckly Beremix took ownership in time. We are currently in v12 thanks to Beremix and Sasuke_Uchiha who are constantly updating the server and keeping the fun on the server.

The server has more than 200 missions with an exstensive variety of gamemodes such as Deathmatch, Team Deatchmatch, Races, Parkour, Deathrun, Destroy the Building, Stealing, Bombing, Collecting, Last Man Standing and much more! Show us your best driving skills, shooting skills, team work skills and your parkour skills! Show others who is the best in the server! We'll make sure you'll like the server!

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