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Ban appel
Kindly show me your proofs!.
My proof is the video you posted so dilligently on our discord server Big Grin

14 Days Ban. Use it to clear out your advantageous mods.
i have low resolution thats why it show like that
its Mods not hacks so you must warn not directly ban
i use this mods a long time and no one tell me that

i swear i dont know that this mods give advantage also i use it cuz there are a little bit awesome but for "advantages" no at all!
if i know that give advantages so why i will post video against me!
First. No. Second. Don't tell me how to do my job. Third. I don't care.

Accept your ban. If you continue trying to get out of it (cos it's a legit ban) I will extend it to a month. Thanks
ok then noob 0 skills

also i play this server one time in a week
You literally admitted to having mods you genius.

Extended to 1 month.
~locked to avoid spam
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