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Buy This Skin
Imagine this scenario; Alice is spectating Bob, and Alice notices that she likes the way Bob has his toys set up. She thinks its cool. Alice would like to have her toys set up in the same way like Bob so she can look cool too. My suggestion is that we add a command that would enable Alice to buy the current "skin" of Bob, i.e. the current way Bob has his toys set up. I feel like most players are lazy and don't want to go over the whole process of setting up their toys and would much rather copy an already made kit.

The command for Alice to buy Bobs skin should be something like /buyskin. The skin that Alice bought will then be stored in her account and can be accessed using /pskin. Skins that Alice buys should be stored in chronological order, i.e. /pskin 1 is the first skin Alice ever bought and /pskin 100 is the 100th skin Alice ever bought and so on. 

Alice will be charged $100,000 for buying the skin. Alice will not be able to edit the skin that she bought.

Bob will be rewarded with 52 cookies because Alice bought a skin he made. If Alice wears the skin and Charlie buys it while spectating Alice, the cookies will still go to Bob's account.

Cookies should be reintroduced for this to work, and they should only be used to buy valuable items like VIP for a month. The cost of VIP in cookies should set to 1300 cookies.

For VIP Players

As normal players trade skins, some will be more popular than others. The ones that do get popular are probably the ones that look good.
VIP players will get the option to switch to any one of the top 50 most popular skins of that month for free using the command /vskin, i.e. /vskin 1 is the most popular skin of that month and /vskin 20 is the 20th most popular skin of that month. As long as the player remains a VIP, they'll be able to switch to any of the most popular skins of the month. If they want to be able to save a particular skin so that even after their VIP expires, they'll be able to use it, they'll be charged $75,000.


  1. Cookies can not be transferable to other players.
  2. Skins will be used as a way for players to spend their money which also prevents people becoming ultra billionaires.
  3. Whenever you spec someone you should be asked if you want to buy the current skin.
  4. Whenever you make a skin, you should be asked to name it and save it to your inventory.
  5. Players who make skins will get rewarded for creativity.
  6. The complicated cookies structure is on purpose.

What do you guys think? 
It wouldn't be too hard to make a command like /copy or /clone to auto-buy the same the other user has, obviously first time you type it it'll tell you the price and then ask if you're sure, as buying it all straight away might bankrupt the player more than they expect.

Buying VIP ingame will probably never be re-added, as that doesn't help pay for the server.

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