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Free VIP
FROM 15:00 21/12/19
UNTIL 23:00 27/12/19 12:00 02/01/20

    (times are server time, in France)

You'll get access to VIP commands, and the free armour on spawn with the free VIP.
Enabled commands: pskin, pweather, ptime, /vc (this is everyone though),
The VIPs command will not show free VIP, only paid ones (else it's just a list of everyone online)
You will appear as VIP on /stats
You will be able to flip & fix your vehicles for free, as normal VIPs.
If you have VIP, and it is due to expire during a free premium period. It will be postponed until that free period expires, it'll expire first time you play after free VIP runs out.
Flashing colour is enabled for free VIP.
All commands related to enabling features are enabled (enable/disable armour & flashing colours)
Shops are enabled for free VIP
When VIP is active, there is a 25% chance each mission that'll it'll remind people there is a free premium active, so people don't get too excited and think its permanent (unless they pay for it)

Some edits may be made to availability of features if things get too chaotic or ruin the gameplay.

The exact same free time for VIP is active on the Sumo Server, so go check that out too:
Because of high levels of cock ups today, the first day of premium, the free VIP for Mini-Missions (not Sumo, that one is coded properly from the start) is increased to end on 02/01/2020 at 1200 local time (France)

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