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Please unban me.
[img=864x768]file:///C:/Users/George/Pictures/bannnnn.png[/img]I installed some cleo mods to give myself infinitie armour and health in SINGLEPLAYER mode. But when i logged into the server, i forgot to disable the mods and i got banned. i did not wanted to hack. it was just a mistake. Please unban me bacause i love this server. My name in the game was [H.T.]Hackertroll
Hi Hi Hi

I don't believe you made a mistake and accidentally hacked when you came online with the name Hackertroll.

You then ban evaded.

You have a ban which will last for 2 weeks after which I will unban you to give you a second chance.

If you ban evade during this time I will increase it 1 month, then 2 months and if you still continue, I will contact a Head Adminstrator.

In 2 weeks you can come and play MM without hacks.


King Bert
ok so first, i ban evaded only because i wanted to explain what happend to the chat. not just to ban evade and play. and i won't do it again i swear. by the way, you banned S_O_R_R_Y . could you unban that name in 2 weeks?
I have noted to unban both names. No ban evading thanks.
Unbanned. Topic needs to be closed.
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