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MM Updates: 27/11/2019
Moar updates!
  • Radio is on server, type /radio - more streams added soon.┬áThe streams are provided by PixelFM, a radio i am in the middle of starting up. An MM DJ feed is provided seperately for when they decide to stream.
  • Tokens & mDollars are removed, to make things easier and to help not confuse new peeps ,without any extra un-needed stuff. Anything that used it before, now uses just normal cash. A command will be added in the future to convert your old stuff into cash, it's all still saved in the database (not on server yet, will be within 24 hours)
  • Corrected some shop issues, including the Rhino being $5k instead of $50k
  • /drop command now actually drops your guns, instead of just clearing them without dropping them.
  • Fixed some issues with maps, the bigger ones include GangCars not spawning the cars, and Derby Night not killing you when you touched the water
  • Added command /version - this'll tell you some further details about the exact date and version of the server version uploaded
  • Gamemode in the SA:MP browser will always be 'Mini-Missions' instead of the map name.
  • For admins: /wc can be typed instead of /wipechat
Quick note to let you know, the shop & mDollar/token changes are now live in game.

also changed since last is
  • Para Parachute & Body Race now use a new method of counting when a race ends, if it fixes the reported errors in race position counting, i'll move it to all the races.
  • Added some protection to make sure you can't spoof dialogids
  • /wc didn't work, its fixed

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