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MM Updates: 31/10/2019
It's update tiiiiiiiiiime
  • Removed some references to XP on website and in-game.
  • Revised the ingame rules to be more specific on glitches you cannot use (read as: any)
  • Fixed a glitch where when you changed name, it didn't actually deduct the money it costs to change name.
  • Added some stuff to use later for the return of ingame radio.
  • Fixed some issues with toys not saving infrequently.
  • Fixed the anticheat getting a super hard on if you did things that were not actually cheating.
  • Fixed error with /stats not displaying correctly, this was due to some changes made earlier that broke it, i've fixed it but the original changes are still there (makes numbers display more easier to read, 1000000 is 1,000,000)

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