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Missions That Need Removing
Mission Name: Roof Bikers LS
Why?: Made up of several big SA-MP objects and other randomly placed objects/obstacles, simply not an MM-type mission. As Polak said, the bike races by Lucifer are boring and annoying, and this is one of them.

Mission Name: Roof Bikers SF
Why?: Same reasons as above

Mission Name: Roof Bikers LV
Why?: Same reasons as above

Honestly, I think most (if not all) of LuciferGRE's maps never fitted MM in the first place. His maps are about quantity rather than quality. They made it their goal, in 2018 I think, to have 300 missions on MM, which is why we have a lot of low-quality maps now.
So in the database there are about 47-48 maps attributed to LuciferGRE, not all are active. Roof Bikers LS & LV are disabled, SF was already disabled.
Mission Name: Gangsta's Paradise
Why? Lack of mapping and gameplay. In the gameplay you just go to "same place" as your spawn and come back.

-Also updated the mission removing suggestions of my earlier post
Mission Name: Lab Conflict
Why: Because too easy for attackers, if you just walk on it with 2-3 players your win chance is %100.
Missions Disabled:

-Lab Conflict
-Destroyed Company
-Gangsta's Paradise
-2 ways 1 chance
-Grand Theft Maverick
Mission Name: From Grove To Grove

Why:  Nothing special with this map. Just same map with 2 same sides.

Mission Name:   Sewage Madness
Why: Idea may be ok but the map isnt; its too easy for attackers and many places to glitch and win easily.

Mission Name:  JumpMan
Why: Maybe Its challenging but definitely not for new users, too hard for them.

Mission Name:  Wheel Business
Why: Spawn too close. The objective vehicle cant get enough speed to escape since its way on other side so you need to lose speed to turn and pass through gate. Defender team got strong weapons
Mission Name: Run to the Light

Why? Random race ,unsuitably chosen vehicle (Infernus) the last isn't made for narrow roads, Badly placed CPs at the end.

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