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Hi everyone!

As I logged in to samp, I saw some servers on the Tab that were hosting 'Events' , of course not right now but once we get a good average of players , I think events would make it blow up more and more players would join in, I think this would help a lot with attracting players 

Example :    Mini-Missions - RACE EVENT AT 12:00PM 
This would only play a certain type of missions (choosen by admins ) and would give x2 points etc 
Such as an hour of deathmatch, or race etc.

I think this would be good on days such as weekends .

What do you guys think??
not a bad idea, here should be another section on forum for events and we would make threads about events. everything would be described in details dates, type of events(Race,TDM,LMS...) and place. Also we should have application format and players would be able to apply for joining in events or without applying idk. But we need more players than we have nowadays, with less players will be boring.
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well i had this idea in my mind since i came back and i know how to handle it ofc with staff team  so if you all wants that i got the ideas of what kind of events and ofc RDL can script them so easy,im ready to handle it all ingame with staff team and on forums so lets see others opinion.
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I agree with this, events could be another way to attract more players to our community
That’s exactly what I was thinking and i totally agree with this,players will enjoy it....
I like the idea. A proper advertise plus good ideas of events can result lots of fun and increasing of players. Races, deathmatches, maybe continent vs continent, or 2v2, some sort or tournaments etc.
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