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Yes, keep headshots (enabled by default for new players, this is current)
2 14.29%
Yes, keep headshots (change to disabled and you have to opt-in for all players)
1 7.14%
Yes, but REMOVE the option to disable it. So it is always enabled, and stops the uncertainty of if you can head shot player or not
1 7.14%
Remove headshots completely
10 71.43%
Total 14 vote(s) 100%
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Changes to headshot stuff
So i want to see what the general feelings about headshot is. It can be annoying for some players (usually the ones dying) and then fun for the others doing it (the killer). 
How do you feel do you think this is something that is good or bad for the server, remember we need to try growing the server.

the question is
Should headshooting be in the server, removed completely, or altered the settings of it.

We'll see how the poll goes in a few days, and implement the changes (if done)
Well, that was overwhelming in favour of removing it all, and i have now removed it in time for the weekends hopeful player surge.

Thanks for making the voting so obviously in one direction, it makes my job easier <3

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