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XP/Score suggestion.
-Simple, remove the XP system and back to old system.
- Because there are a big point difference within old players new players.
And how it will affect to new players?
-Lets think i am a new player. I joined server with fresh account... everything is 0. I checked tab. I saw some player in tab. They are over 10000. I will think, how will i reach those players? How will reach their status in game? Thats why i should leave and find another server...etc.
We can give many similiar examples for that.

Until 2016 (MG-MM times) we didnt use XP system; there was only score (basically your kills, race status). But after 2016, we suggested a XP system (yes i was one of them). I am sure it went good. Because it was a fresh start.  And everyone started in same place. Now same situation can be happen. If we remove XP system , again everyone will see on tab equal with everyone.

Lets say happened and XP system gone, what will happen to my XP?

It can be converted to something like money or anything...

Some examples:
[Image: 86e4de4acf.png]
[Image: b5289ed2a6.png]
[Image: 0ec9c0f8b0.png]
MM has a history of resetting stats and I dont think anyone would mind if they lost their xp or level, and its too hard leveling up for the higher ranked players anyway, so a fresh start and stats reset would be good. If you ask me, I dont care about the xp I earned or what level I have, I have no motivation to play anymore since I've achieved everything there is to achieve in game, I just play for fun and memories Big Grin What I care about is bug-free gameplay and quality missions.
The score system is complicated and boring, no one can reach the top level, I cant even reach the next level.
If anyone protests against it, We could give the top 10 or 30 players some kinda special status on either the website or in game /stats, or a special toy in game, but converting the xp to tokens or mdollars is not a good idea imo. If we decide to reset the server and convert the xp to money, it would be a good headstart for the old players considering the current economy. So I'm with reset of /stats now and every 6 months or so.
I have also given this suggestion so I agree with @Ryses
Agree ( [KOTH] ftw )
[Image: school-days-gif-4.gif]
I agree with completely reseting all stats, money and also implementing other economy fixes if needed.
This system with level was a good idea at first. It gave motivation. Now it's been almost 4 years and I think getting boring and useless. Getting back to old system would be nice. The current system became stressful and very hard to level up. No one really plays to level up anymore. We play for fun. That's what matters. I'm ok with disabling the current system and bringing back the old kne
[Image: DeviantArt_Logo.svg]
This would be easy to remove. If that is what people want.

I'd probably set it so that youre score was missions won+races won, unless someone has a simpler solution. I want it to be obvious who are regulars from their score, but not give them a stupidly high number even if they have played lots.
yeah that good idea which i said to beremix before even to reset 50% of players stats but he always refuse what others say so yeah i agree with that so new start.
[Image: MMLogo.png]
The XP system has been removed.

A few other changes were needed due to this. When you used the shop you could randomly win XP points, this is removed. When you reported someone, and that person got banned, you could win XP, this is changed to mDollars. Your score in the tab menu is now missions won, plus races won, instead of total XP.

I think i removed all references and links to it, but if something is broken, let me know as soon as possible, as it might be something trying to do something with the XP system that isn't actually there anymore.

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