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computer not booting up
Power indicator on PC - flashing red light - computer not booting up......

My problem is with the OptixPlex 3020- a desktop PC (not a laptop). I shut down my PC prior to leaving for a while. I've just returned, and when I attempt to power on the PC, the power light flashes red - and there is no "starting up" of the PC (i.e. the fan turning on, the CPU firing up)....any ideas what's happened?


I've unplugged, replugged, etc. to ensure no loose connections existed. Has the hard drive failed? Motherboard?

Thanks for any pointers
(Note:due to this problem i have been being inactive ingame for 3days)
I had a similar problem once with a Laptop. I'll use ur post to get answers to myself, hope u don't mind. Once in my life (Years ago), I powered off my laptop with 7% battery, on critical. When I tried to power on, didn't work as well, but the difference is that the power light (Used to be a blue light) flashed 3 times red and powered off it self, the screen didn't even turned on. I pressed the button and it stayed 5 seconds on and got off again. I don't know if the problem might be related. But, if someone finds a solution for him, maybe I can get mine too.
Probably your power supply broken. These are sensitive parts and on any change on voltage it may get broken.

(My pc also cant boot right now, i will get HDD probably)
If your hard drive had failed, the computer would still boot, it'd just get stuck at BIOS.

Given this is a proper Dell machine, it'd be best to get in touch with Dell, or their own support boards, and they will know how to handle it. It'll be a proprietary motherboard will weird ways of handliing errors that don't happen in custom built machines and hardware.
Ryses is right, PSU is damaged. Unless of course it boots to the BIOS in which case its entirely something else, but the problem sounds like a PSU. Motherboard is detecting a bad power voltages somewhere within it and shuts down said component or all components to protect from damage.
finally problem has been solved........
it was due to the CMOS battery...
just change it and enjoy
At least we were partially right in the fact that it was something to do with power. Leave it to dell to prevent your computer from booting due to a dead CMOS battery... CMOS battery just helps keep storage of your bios settings and time... It shouldn't prevent it from booting unless of course the drive that holds the booting partition isn't considered "default" when the bios reset because the cmos battery died.
it was due to this... another thing still i have no CMOS battery in CPU i just took it out from the CPU...and now PC is means>>> it was due to this
(05-25-2020, 01:42 PM)Daktarin Wrote: it was due to this... another thing still i have no CMOS battery in CPU i just put it out from the CPU...and now PC is means>>> it was due to this

This made no sense to my brain... lol better translation please?
If there is no cmos battery on your motherboard, you should put otherwise you may get errors at boot. (Like time errors). Note the numbers above on the battery and get new one. But it will ask you for new time and date. Actually you should understand through beep sounds after UEFI Boot, by searching it. Probably you heard 5 beeps if you use Dell based motherboard.

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