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Username: PhillyBoi
Reported player:  Ozzy_
Reason: Aimbot
Date(DD/MM/YYYY): 20/5/2020

In first videos you can see his aim , he was shooting somewhere and killed me and second videos you can easily see he killed me with 3 bullets of combat shotgun when i was running. Please watch the video in slow speed.       [url=][/url]
I have seen many times to him and I assure you its impossible without aimbot.
Sorry for replying
Its hard to justify aimbot over a video because it doesn't exactly tell us if the player was lagging, if you were lagging, or if the server was laggy at the time. The video is pretty solid evidence, but again I dont know the state of each player and server. Im going to ban for 72 hrs based on the video proof and him having triggered a administrator server warning at least once on the day of the report.

Thanks for your report!
check these vedios.... HH+Aimbot(Report Ozzy)

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