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MM Updates: 12/03/2020
Whaaaay, moar stuff.
  • Altered how some admin commands work so they have better control over respawning and deleting vehicles as needed, if people buy one in the way, it also now works on all missions, instead of just the vehicle capture missions.
  • In races, a streetracer or lowrider car has a 33% chance of being kitted out with mods, or 100% chance if you're VIP. Hydrolics & NOS not included, as it may give unfair advantage or disadvantage.
  • Fixed some races sending the wrong colour string, so an odd garbled bit of text appeared on the race good luck message window on the left when it started.
  • Added new compiling script that compiles side by side instead of one by, up to the max threads of the CPU you're using. Same one i updated with Sumo, makes compiling maps & missions significantly quicker.
  • Rewritten /fix & /lcp so if you need a new car, it spawns a new one, instead of trying to find your old one and use that again. Hopefully this helps issues where /fix & /lcp don't actually work, due to the old car not existing, or just exploding
  • Fix anticheat getting exciting and pissing its pants, banning players 2 or 3 times instead of just once

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