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Hi. I am just entered server, while there was no players at night time. Next mission reloaded and i entered my password and been blocked immediately. Not played a single minute...
What's your in game name, Chief
Name is roms. Just registered and posted here. ip 109.165.....
Your name in game is roms?
Do you see any ban screenshot or just "You are banned from this server"?

If it first, post it by uploading screenshot on somewhere. Second, try restart your modem.
Yes game name - roms. I didnt make screen, but it was just "server closed connection" and I'm standing on fences. I tried reload samp, but then it say "You are banned from this server"

I tried again just seconds ago and its work again. Registered as roms in game. Maybe some error happened before. Thanks for your help guys.
it's about your connection if that happened again try restarting your router,

problem solved topic locked.
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