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Mini Missions wouldn't be here if it wasn't for everyone who helped us. These we wish to thank here. We do not list mission mappers here. They can be found at the mission register.

♥ Beremix: Server Owner, Server Hoster, Webpage Scripter, User Control Panel scripter, Server Developer.
♥ MichaelBelgium: Server Scripter, Server Manager.
♥ Sasuke_Uchiha: Server Scripter, Server Manager, Mission Scripter.
♥ Ryses: Lead Server Manager, Missions Scripter & Mission Mapper
♥ FalconX: Lead Server Manager
♥ Tokkor: Mission Scripter, Server Manager.
♥ aQuaNight: Mission Scripter, Server Manager
♥ Grape[H]ammer: Image Designer
♥ Tinus_NL: Website information / History information
♥ LuciferGRE: Mission Scripter, Image Designer
♥ Paul: Website information / History, Missions Scripter, Server Manager
♥ Toontje013: Missions Scripter

Beta Testers:

♥ LuciferGRE, Bullet, Ninja, Grape[H]ammer, DowDaw, Caspar, Gon, JimmySpaceTravel1337, Ziros, ThecnoPrisoner, Shiko, Sergeant.


♥ Sa-mp team, Zeex for crashdetect, maddinat0r for a_mysql, Y_Less, emmet_ and maddinat0r for sscanf2, d0 for mSelection, Incognito for irc, Michael@Belgium for shoutcast, Banana_Ghost for ip_lookup, YourShadow for Pawn.CMD, Y_Less for whirlpool, Pottus for oarray, King_Hual for json

There are probably many more who should be listed! If you for some reason are missing a name or feel someone should be added then please contact Beremix.