Mission: Step By Step

Mission Name: Step By Step
Mission ID: 241
Scripted By: LuciferGRE
Mapped By: MM
Type: Parkour
World Weather: 3
World Time: 20
Mission Time: 5 minutes & 0 seconds.
Status: This mission is currently enabled. (Order ID: 230)

Animations: Disabled
Shop: Disabled
Shop Weapons: Disabled
Shop Vehicles: Disabled
Ability to /fix: Disabled
Ability to /flip: Disabled
Ability to /lcp: Enabled
Vip armour?: Disabled
Walking?: Normal walking
Weapon Pickups?: Disabled
Headshot?: Disabled
Kills in stats?: Disabled

This mission got the following votes from the players:
Negative votes: 23
Positive votes: 21

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