Server IP /
Owner Beremix
Founder MID
Server Scripter Sasuke_Uchiha
Webpage scripter Beremix
Hoster Beremix (Exp-Gaming)
Teamspeak IP
Server capacity 100
Gamemode Hell of the Companies
Players 13 / 60
Weather 100
Time 09:00
Version 0.3.7-R2

Online players
Player ID Nickname Score Ping
0 Duracell 27003 167
1 [CbK]SaK_ 364 87
2 [v0g]grueroGRE 10703 111
3 [CbK]LuciferGRE 34906 77
4 NefretitiGRE 3502 90
5 .Fer 0 294
6 JackoDaniels[AT] 406 65
7 Zoro 0 112
8 MasterExtremo 1484 239
9 Raymond 725 183
10 Kakarott41 1115 275
11 Reymond 40 255
12 K9999 0 239
History of Mini Missions:

Mini-Missions was founded in 2007. Since then, we're offering an incredible and enjoyable gameplay experience.
Mini-Missions started back in 2007 founded and owned by MID. The server had a wonderful success with 60+ players online daily. In 2009, MID decided to leave causing server's shutdown. Redirect_Left, with MID's permission, continued the server history in a new server called Son of Mini-Missions. His server was more successful than MID's one with a constant 80+ players online daily. MID after some time returned as owner and re-launched his old Mini-Missions, so Redirect_Left had to close his server. But this time, it didn't had the old loved success which forced the server to close once again in 2010. FuTuRe and Alby created Mini-Missions version 1 in 2011. It became even more successful than MID and Redirect_Left's server with 100 players online daily. The server was so famous and populated that a lot of people had to wait for someone to leave it and take his place in order to enjoy the fun of the server! FuTuRe carried on the server until version 8 in the end of 2015. He lost interest in SA-MP and left his ownership to KyleSmith who created Mini-Missions version 9 in 2016 KyleSmith couldn't handle the community so he gave ownership to Beremix in August 2016 who created Mini-Missions v10 with remarkable changes. We are currently in version 11 thanks to Beremix and Sasuke_Uchiha who are constantly updating the server and keeping the fun on it.

The server has more than 170 missions with an exstensive variety of gamemodes such as Deathmatch, Race, Parkour, Deathrun, Derby, Zombie, Stealing, Bombing and many more! Show us your best driving skills, shooting skills, team work skills and your parkour skills. Show others who is the best in the server! We'll make sure you'll like Mini-Missions!